Mariposa by Julianne Coriandoli   Mariposa by Julianne Coriandoli

Mariposa by Julianne Coriandoli   Mariposa by Julianne Coriandoli


Mariposa - Special Prize for Outstanding Pattern Matching

Julianne Coriandoli, Quebec, Canada (Retrofolie)


The Design

Mariposa, being the Spanish word for butterfly, is my interpretation of this beautiful, flying insect. My pattern was inspired by the Dido Longwing and the Monarch. As for the color scheme, I started from the gorgeous blue of the California Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly and combined it with shades I loved.


The Construction

Pattern matched corsets have been my specialty with RetroFolie and I wanted to explore more of this by incorporating this technique into Mariposa. Although I am experienced in pattern matching, this was challenging! I took a lot of time to make the pattern very precise and it really helped me when it was time to sew the pieces together. Apart from that, I really had fun creating this piece, which is now my favorite corset that I have made.

For more details on the making of Mariposa, please watch "The Making of Mariposa Corset" on my new Youtube channel. This is a video I entirely made myself showing all the steps I took to make this piece. Making videos is one of my passions and I am happy to share this one with you!

More details in the full length video (4:20)


What was it like to compete this year? What would you say to someone who is on the fence about entering next year?

Don't be! Explore your creativity and enjoy every second of it :)



Claire Green
Ooh I love this, the shaping, the colours and the beading... fabulous work!
The effect with the different sized rhinestones on your boarders is really beautiful. I like how they direct where your eye moves.
Really pretty design and the colours are lovely!
Excellent neat construction for an unusual and beautifully executed design.
Gorgeous! I love the colours and the many panels. Beautifully constructed.
marloes dadswell
I love the precision of this piece and the overall design is beyond fabulous!
Wow! Your construction is fabulous. Stunning work!
Wow it's fabulous, Great technique! Beautiful!
wonderful- I love everything: the colors, the shape, the idea, the embellishment- just gorgeous!
Such a good example of the flexibility of corsets and how panelling and colour mixing of fabrics can be used to good effect. This is great work of art.
Outstanding construction and pattern work, Julianne!
I was fascinated by your little work in progress video clip and it was great to see this design coming to life. Also really beautiful colour choices and the painted parts add that little bit of exgtra depth to the design. Well done!

This is gorgeous! I love the shape, the construction, the colors... That piece going over the shoulders might be my favorite feature, it is so elegant! You really did justice to the butterfly.
Beautiful, precise work Julianne - of course it is, coming from you! So much to love, but I think my favourite part is the curls in the collar at the back. So beautifully done - as is your video, you really did a wonderful job of celebrating the journey of a maker from concept to completion. Very, very inspiring!
Beautiful construction, so crisp and precise, just lovely.
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