Blue Spider Web by Junichi Yoneyama   Blue Spider Web by Junichi Yoneyama

Blue Spider Web by Junichi Yoneyama   Blue Spider Web by Junichi Yoneyama

Blue Spider Web by Junichi Yoneyama


Blue Spider Web - Special Prize for Unique Interpretation of the Theme

Junichi Yoneyama, Japan (PureOne Corset Works)


The Design

I have a theme of "Blue spider web".
I wanted to have a story in this corset.
I expressed "a butterfly is caught in a spider web".
Fan lacing idea got a hint from "Kumihimo" (Japanese braid).
Kumihimo is a string that closes the kimono belt.
I found a new possibility for fan lacing corset.


The Construction

The design point is a combination of light blue and white.
I made one big fan lacing with two fan lacing.
The two strings are crossed and twisted.
This big fan lacing has made complex like a spider web.
This corset is a unique corset whose chest is open.
I put a belt on my armpit in this corset.

More details on my blog.



I think you did a marvelous job with your choice of subject. The fan lacing is so intricate and complex your eye gets stuck on it like a bug in a spiders web. I also love how it all ties together in the front.
The color you chose for your corset is beautiful. Your fan lacing looks so delicate but sturdy at the same time!
Fabulous use of fanlacing, and a really fresh modern approach to the subject and design while still showing off excellent technique
Very innovative, I love how all the elements come together.
marloes dadswell
I adore the fan lacing. Very striking use of colours too.
A lovely idea to focus on that beautiful lacing - so original. The whole look is so striking!
I love all the different influences you have worked into your design and of course your attention to details!
Also the story of a butterfly caught in a spiderweb is such an interesting take on the competition theme and I really like how you have styled and photographed your outfit.

Junichi, you always come up with something so innovative, and you've delighted us again! The fanlacing is stunning, and Barbara's right, this is a fantastic interpretation of the theme. Congratulations !
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