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Emerald Cockroach Wasp by Lelanie Kotze   Emerald Cockroach Wasp by Lelanie Kotze

Emerald Cockroach Wasp by Lelanie Kotze   Emerald Cockroach Wasp by Lelanie Kotze

Emerald Cockroach Wasp by Lelanie Kotze



Emerald Cockroach Wasp

Lelanie Kotze, South Africa (The Corseted Wench)

MUA: Stephan Venter
Photographer: Sheena Wood


The Design

The theme was very intriguing, it allowed me to go way out of my comfort zone. My work has always been more conservative, my focus being on construction techniques and shape. When I saw the Emerald Cockroach Wasp, I immediately loved all the different colours. I looked at a few designs, but something that really caught my eye was the horizontal panels in Scarlet Sapsford's corset design book. I wanted a more armoured look, so I decided to make a base corset with the armour panels over that. Thierry Mugler's designs were also definitely an inspiration behind my design.


The Construction

For the base corset I used a 4-way stretch foil with scale patterns, fused to material interfacing. The pattern is Corsets by Caroline's Lucille pattern.The lining of the corset was a very dense weave satin I found at an upholstery store, which I fused to buckram for extra support for the armour panels. It has a crochet lace overlay and detail in beads and satin cord and piping. I used the welt seam method to construct my corset with pre-bent spring steels in the channels (also for extra support for the horizontal panels). The armour panels were made from 4 way stretch foil as well in 7 different colours, also fused to buckram. The pattern was self drafted. It has an overlay in glitter tulle and crochet lace as well as details in glitter paint. I lined the armour panels with a knitted fabric that had scale patterns on it in white and silver. The armour panels have 1.6mm gauge galvanized wire to support them horizontally and spring steel in the back spine panel. I attached the horizontal panels at the back with dragon claw spikes that screw in. 

More details on my blog.


Claire Green
I love how we both chose the same subject but came up with totally different ways of interpreting it! Fabulous work Lelanie!
The double layers are fabulous and I love how they open and reveal another beauty underneath. Great design!
Lelanie Kotze
thank you <3
The texture and layering is spectacular, the black and iridescent combination is very insectoid, lovely work
Wow, what a great idea and beautifully constructed, I love the armoured panels and the use of layering!
I really like how the crochet lace looks over your multicolored panels
This corset rocks Lelanie - it has a real structured 'strong' feel to it. Total armoury! Absolutely love the way you have incorporated the colours as well. Fantastic work.
Wonderful texture, colours and construction. I love the fact that the panels open up to another layer! Beautiful work!
Your layering of materials makes such a great impact, Lelanie!
I really enjoyed seeing this project coming together in the wip pictures you posted and it's great to see the finished design in full glory now. :)

You had such an outstanding concept and such a beautiful inspiration insect. And you've made brilliant job interpreting them into a garment with all those tiny details. I also enjoyed your blog post so much!
Lelanie, this is really outstanding work. Both the concept and the execution are off the charts in terms of complexity and ambition. You pulled off a challenging concept with such style! Congratulations , and lots of respect!
the colours, layering and texturing of the armour are the stand out parts for me, fab design
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