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Voting has now closed. Congratulations to you all, and thank you everyone for entering, commenting, sharing and voting!

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Chrysler Building Gown by Julie Saltman Chrysler Building Gown by Julie Saltman Chrysler Building Gown by Julie Saltman Chrysler Building Gown by Julie Saltman

Chrysler Building Gown by Julie Saltman  Chrysler Building Gown by Julie Saltman



Chrysler Building Gown

Julie Saltman, USA (Julie Saltman)

IG: Saltystarness

Photographer: Patrick Cashin
Model: Genevieve V Beller
Assistant: Lisa Jordan


The Design

I was producing a show at New York’s 54 Below last February, and of course bought a new dress for the occasion. All silver and black sequins, arranged very architecturally, I immediately dubbed it the “Chrysler Building” gown.

To my dismay, it was an epic social media fail because, even though the designer label didn’t read “Ivanka,” it could indeed be recognized as an Ivanka gown—rebranded. Stuck now with a dress I could no longer return—let alone ever dare to wear in public again!—I decided to transform it into a true Chrysler Building gown.

My colleagues (and good friends) Genevieve Beller (NYC) and Maria Thilo Mancini (Lecce, Italy) were incredibly encouraging throughout the entire process of repurposing this gown into a one-of-a-kind stunner featuring the New York City skyline. We started with our shared love of electric blue, which brought to life the idea of creating an entire skyline.


The Construction

The original gown had to be taken apart very carefully. Any tears in the netting would make every step of putting it back together again extremely challenging. Each sequin had to come off one by one also—it took an all-nighter of binge-watching 2 seasons of “Ozark” on Netflix!

For the first fitting, I used the old lining of the gown and added a midriff piece, which would ultimately become the hand-beaded skyline all the way around. Three more fittings, and I was ready to repiece the netting overlay. Several yards of white, blue, and silver fabric were used to create the new gown beneath the original netting.

I researched illustrations of the Chrysler Building and New York City skylines and combined them to create the skyline for the midriff. I then spent many hours at a copy machine to figure out the correct building sizes. The different-sized paper patterns were pinned to the gown during the next two fittings. Next, I flat lined all the pattern pieces and left them uncut so they could be hooped for beading in different hoop sizes.

After that, the bead hunt was on to properly match the Chrysler Building. I did all the hand-beading myself—and several hundred dollars, seven fittings, and several hours of sewing later, the gown was done!

Every stage of the process was photographed as well, so I’m extremely proud to submit my transformed Chrysler Building gown for your consideration.


What was it like to compete this year? What would you say to someone who is on the fence about entering next year?

Why not! Show off your work to new people who have not seen it :)



This is very beautiful work, you can definitely see where you drew your inspiration, and it is really stunning craftsmanship.
Super cool! It takes extra work to re-purpose. You did great work, ended up with a story and a fabulous gown! Love the photos and video--the dress is so sparkly, which i didn't realize till I saw the video!
Beautifully executed! You interpreted the essence of the building and the period wonderfully. You have a gown that will be a stunner at every event. Gorgeous!
This is glorious! I think I caught a sneak peek in a costumers' group on facebook a while back, but this is more amazing than I remember! Beautiful work!
kitty mortensen
Stunning work, well done
Oh that skyline, beautiful beadwork! The way the dress moves and sparkles is really terrific, I love the blue skirt lining panels that flash as you walk. An absolute classic art deco darling of a design :)
You have my biggest respect for the amount of work and dedication you put into this project!
It has paid off for sure and especially the beadwork is just stunning!

Beautiful work, and a lovely interpretation of your inspiration!
I love the story behind this. What better way to remedy a sticky situation than by turning it into art? The beading work is just stunning!
What a joy to see something so different in the competition. The flapper style with the bead work is glorious and looks truly vintage and it moves really well too.
Breathtaking embroidery and pictures from a fun photoshoot! What else could I ask for? :-) Well done!
Wow! I love how this dress turned out, the details are amazing!
Lovely work, the beading of the buildings is so effective.
An exquisite, wearable, piece of art! Beautifully created!!
What a fantastic gown! Your beading is amazing. Thank you for sharing!
marloes dadswell
Really stunning!!! And awesome photos!
Oh, you did an amazing job. It shows all the work you had to put into this gown. I love flapper dresses very much and they are so delicate with all their embellishment and the slippery materials. I love the beading, this skyline really is divine! <3
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