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Voting has now closed. Congratulations to you all, and thank you everyone for entering, commenting, sharing and voting!

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Orual by Caroline Murphy       Orual by Caroline Murphy


  Orual by Caroline Murphy       Orual by Caroline Murphy




Caroline Murphy, Missouri, USA

Model: Chelsea Waters



The Design

Inspired by the symmetry of Romanesque architecture, the corset and skirt were designed to have a simple symmetry reflected in the placement of the boning and stitching contrasted with the asymmetric placement of the lace on the corset itself.

The top of the corset reflects a half arch and the keyhole represents the many windows and open arches stereotypical in this style of architecture. I was inspired by this simple type of symmetrical architecture because it is known to be influenced by the locale. I thought it would be interesting to style the design after it since it could be interpreted in so many different ways based on the location chosen as inspiration.


The Construction

This is my second ever overbust corset and the first one I’ve ever drafted or fitted for someone with a different body type than my own. I decided to challenge myself by modifying a basic pattern around the busk and making a cut-out with part of it pieced together.

This corset has six panels per side that are reinforced by two bones at each seam and an additional bone in the middle of four of the six panels. All the bones used were synthetic whalebone, save for the flat steels bracketing the grommets.

I have had difficulties working with fashion fabric and decided to tackle it head on by flat-lining cotton sateen to coutil. I don’t quite have the technique down, but it’s something I will continue to work on. The skirt is the same cotton sateen flat-lined to a gold lame. Both are embellished with a gold lace.


What was it like to compete this year? What would you say to someone who is on the fence about entering next year?

It was fun. I'm not so good at the design part of making things and this really challenged me to work with my model and try some new techniques. It also provided motivation to actually finish what I was working on.


Your construction is enviably neat, this is superb.
A really innovative neckline, I can definitely see those architectural influences, and the gold lining of the skirt gives a lovely flash of opulence to the design as well, nice work :)
That little keyhole is so clever and very well executed!
I really love the unconventional neckline and I can only agree with galadriel's comment - impressively neat construction!
Very beautiful, and I love the neckline.
I can only repeat, the construction is really neat, really well done! The keyhole has a very beautiful shape and I can imagine that it was quite difficult to do the pattern for this pieces, that looks so complicated. And the gold really pops on the black sateen! Nice job!
The arch and keyhole design is stunning!
Very neatly executed. I especially like the stitching beneath the "window." It gives the suggestion of a diamond shape, and draws my eye.
The keyhole really grabbed my attention and your stitching looks so neat. I'm also really drawn to the sneaky flash of gold inside your skirt and love the gothic bride look when you see the full ensemble in the first photo.
Lovely shape and stitching great work.

That neckline is amazing!
Very nice neckline and neat construction! Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future!
marloes dadswell
Fantastic neckline indeed and such a sleek result!
The stitching looks so neat and tidy! I love it.
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