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Voting has now closed. Congratulations to you all, and thank you everyone for entering, commenting, sharing and voting!

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Atlantis by Lina Piprek  Atlantis by Lina Piprek 

Atlantis by Lina Piprek 

Atlantis by Lina Piprek Atlantis by Lina Piprek

Atlantis by Lina Piprek  




Lina Piprek, UK (Lina Piprek Design)

IG: linapiprek

Photography: Sally Sparrow Photography

Makeup: Charlotte Cashmore


The Design

The light of suns unseen, through depths of sea descending,
Within her street awakes the ghost of noon
To bide its little hour and die unheeded, blending
Into her night that knows nor stars nor moon.
The hurrying feet of storms that trample o'er the surges
Arouse no echo in these silent deeps;
No thunder thrills her peace, no sword of lightning scourges
The dim, dead calm where lost Atlantis sleeps.
-Guy Wetmore Carryl


I wanted to tell a slightly dark and haunting narrative with my entry: a beautiful, decorative city that had fallen beneath the waves and been left to decay and be reclaimed by nature. My personal aim was to find ways to tie in techniques and materials used in prop making, my day job. Due to storage restrictions I knew I couldn’t make something big and structural, so a textural, layered corset started to take shape in my mind.

Initially I went for a monochromatic color scheme, a grey-ish green-ish silk taffeta overlaid with a gold lace to imitate the effect of light shining through murky water. I planned for black lace and gold swirls, for a patch of white, bleached coral across the front of the corset. When I got to the stage of adding the coral, I could not stand the effect, and the element I thought would ruin my entry became my favorite: a pop of color stretching from one corner of the corset to the other.


The Construction

Knowing that I wanted the surface of the corset to be very textural, I decided to keep the construction of the corset as simple as possible. I altered a 4 panel Symington pattern (REF #32730), roll pinned the gold lace, silk, and coutil, and boned it with 7mm artificial whalebone in internal boning channels. The black lace and gathered strips of silk organza on the hips were hand sewn on before I started on the more unusual elements.

The gold swirls across the front are vacuum formed out of 0.5mm gold plastic sheets. They are incredibly thin and light, but surprisingly sturdy as they get their strength from the complexity of the shapes. I gave them a dusting of matte black paint that I rubbed on the raised edges to give them more depth.

The coral section is made of a base of puff binder, which I airbrushed with several different colors. The 3D pieces are made of a quick setting casting resin, using molds that I made from scraps of electroformed copper. The casts were trimmed back, primed, and painted to match the puff binder. I added beading and pearls to finish off the effect.

The main challenge I faced in the construction was working with a variety of heat sensitive materials. The puff binder had to be heated once it was on the corset to turn three dimensional, but the gold lace melted with too much heat, and the vacuum forms lose their shape if reheated.


What was it like to compete this year? What would you say to someone who is on the fence about entering next year?

Competing taught me that trusting your creative vision for a project doesn't necessarily mean following your initial design exactly. Trust that there is no mistake that isn't fixable, and that the unexpected solutions can end up being more beautiful than if it had gone right the first time.



This is such a clever interpretation of the theme, I think you have done a wonderful job. Congratulations !
Ohhh this is so fabulous. I love everything about it! The texture is so great. Wonderful concept, executed beautifully. Awesome work.
You've used so many beautiful, interesting elements, and definitely shown us the beauty in decay. Gorgeous!
kitty mortensen
Gorgeous work. I love your inspiration and the outcome is so very stunning
Beautiful layering of colours and textures, Lina!
I really enjoyed your inspiration story and I think it's a great interpretation of the theme.

Lush textures and such clever uses of materials and techniques to create them, the fabrics work together beautifully to make the piece both romantic and mysterious. Lovely shaping and pattern cutting too, awesome work!
Lovely textures, and fabulous work making the coral, it looks so real!
The materials used to create all of the textures on your entry are inspiring, what a lovely effect!
I love your clever use of embellishments to create the most exquisite textures! It looks equally beautiful both from afar and up close.
Such amazing textures - a beautiful work of art!
Lots of things happening in here, but everything works together breathtakingly good!
Everything comes together beautifully, the variety of textures, the colors, it is truly umpressive !
Atlantis is a place we can only imagine and I for one have certainly romanticised the idea of it. This is so rich and sumptuous yet you eminate the decay and destruction of an underwater structure so beautifully in those ruffles as well. I'm interested to see that you cast your 3d elements in resin and that's something I'd like to try. Stunning work.
This is such a beautiful piece. I really like seeing different structures and all the techniques you used. I love those corals, so stunning.
I can see your inspiration in the piece, you really translated it perfectly into your work, gorgeous job. And it fits so perfectly <3

Ooooo texture!! I'm loving the texture. I wish I could put my hand in the computer screen and touch it :) x
Beautiful! I love the mixed techniques in the decoration elements!
Stunning! love the varied textures you have achieved, the colours and the overall look, Beautiful work.
The embellishment techniques are truly inspiring! So much creative beauty!!
marloes dadswell
Loving your inspiration and the finished result is nothing short but inspirational and beautiful!
Kimberley Burgess
This is a lovely combination of detail that could have easily turned into a jumbled mess. You have created a gorgeous balance of color, texture and dimension while giving a real time organic experience of the former opulence of Atlantean culture. I am a definite fan!!!
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