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Voting has now closed. Congratulations to you all, and thank you everyone for entering, commenting, sharing and voting!

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The Bathhouse Pagoda by Hailey Jensen The Bathhouse Pagoda by Hailey Jensen The Bathhouse Pagoda by Hailey Jensen The Bathhouse Pagoda by Hailey Jensen

The Bathhouse Pagoda by Hailey Jensen  The Bathhouse Pagoda by Hailey Jensen


The Bathhouse Pagoda

Hailey Jensen, California, USA

IG: hailey.sews

Model: Brianna Ramirez
Photographer: William Huang


The Design

I was inspired by the architecture of Japan, more specifically, the Japanese architecture featured in the animated movie Spirited Away. I've always seen beautiful buildings as skirts, so I wanted to try turning a pagoda into one.


The Construction

For the bodice, I used the Custom Corset Pattern Generator from elizabethancostume.net as a resource for flat drafting. I heavily altered it to fit my needs and to allow for the hidden lacing panel, which I was very excited to incorporate into a project for the first time! I made multiple muslins, as I am not very skilled yet with boned bodices. All of the visible white fabric is dupioni, flatlined in twill. Most of the red trim is grosgrain ribbon, all hand stitched on. Even the binding is ribbon, which I used for a cohesive look. The red trim on the "fan bodice panel" is brocade I made into bias tape, also hand stitched to the front panel and circle detailing on the bodice back. The skirt was the biggest challenge, but it's basically a giant rectangle with square peplum "roofs". There are multiple boning channels throughout the underskirt and each of the red "roofs" for a smooth & supported square shape. The "roof" fashion fabric is taffeta underlined with fleece to hide the boning channels. Most of the skirt was assembled with my sewing machine on the ground because of the size and strange angles. The biggest challenge of the skirt by far was getting each "roof" to lie balanced, which I achieved by experimenting with added weights. I learned so much from this project, so even now, while I can see the flaws in this project, I know how to solve them next time!


What was it like to compete this year? What would you say to someone who is on the fence about entering next year?

I've always admired the makers of Foundations Revealed, and while I am very nervous to submit my work next to so many amazing makers, I couldn't resist this prompt and I learned so much making this project. If anyone is on the fence, I would say go for it! The fact that there are seperate skill levels to submit to made me feel much more comfortable.



This is insane, in the best possible way. I love it, and you can tell it must be heart-stopping when you get to see it in motion. Congratulations !
This is so fabulous! I love the fringe and the head to toe detailing!
Oh wow, this is super fun, and really thoughtful construction too! I love the triple layer pagoda skirt and the epic fringing, definitely architectural!
This is beautiful, the detailing has been really well done and that skirt!!! Also, huge studio ghibli fan so you get an extra squee from me! Well done xx
Wow, what an outstanding silhouette! Respect for mastering the construction of these skirt shapes. I can imagine that it must have been quite the challenge to achieve this!
Very creative, and I love the effect! I think the fan detail on the corset front is beautiful.
This is mindblowing; I can just imagine how mesmerizing it must be to see this in person! With that fringe, it must have incredible movement.
I went to see WOW when I lived in New Zealand and this reminds me of the amazing outfits exhibited there. Ambitious, unusual and brilliant!
Wow, what a giant project and the outcome is monumental. You put so much work and thought into this and it really shows. I imagine it moves so beautifully with those fringe trims! Would love to see it in in action <3 And I just love "Spirited Away" and the fact you used it as your inspiration. The hidden lacing is a gorgeous detail and I love the embellishment. Very well done
You really translated your inspiration into a garment! It looks like a lot of funn too
The avant-garde design of this is such fun. I'm really interested by the concealed lacing panel, it's completely invisible on your model. The skirt looks like an engineering feat in itself; I bet this looked great moving on the catwalk.
Such an innovative design and you absolutely nailed it!! Love it!!
What a fun concept, love all the fringing and how much internal engineering there must be in the skirt/
What a fantastic skirt! The construction is very clever!
marloes dadswell
Wow and How?! Were the first two things that sprung to mind. What an epic design!
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