Futurismo by Taty Konovalova      Futurismo by Taty Konovalova


Futurismo by Taty Konovalova


Futurismo by Taty Konovalova


Taty Konovalova tatykonovalova3      Futurismo by Taty Konovalova




Taty Konovalova, Italy

IG: taty_konovalova


The Design

Just one year ago I didn't know how to sew at all, but my dream of making lingerie and corsets followed me for over 10 years.

After one-week corsetry course, I was finally holding my first corset and I couldn't be happier. For this project, I used velvet which I bought in 2007 for my first corset trial, but it never came to life. It makes this corset very significant for me.

I am living in Italy for half of my life now, so it is not surprising that my inspiration comes from here.

For my mood board, I used sketches of Antonio Sant'Elia, Italian futurist architect.

My Italy is so much about industrial life, unseen behind the scenes world where all magic happens. With this corset, I wanted to give my admiration to all clothing makers. I'm glad to become part of this world now too.


The Construction

This corset body is all about lines. I tried to play with transparency for graphics layers effect. For the first time in my life, I did double hip panels and front lacing effect.

I made cording using a golden thread on padded cups and on the back of the corset to follow the round hip line.

Fabrics used are three types of nylon mesh, bra foam, velvet, and stiffened satin cotton.

Collar attached to the body and garters can be removed.

Construction supported with flat and spiral steel bones.

I honestly put all my heart in this project, every stitch made with love and care and I am very happy to share it with you.


What was it like to compete this year? What would you say to someone who is on the fence about entering next year?

It is very inspiring to be part of this competition. I was terrified at first to present myself, but I can't lose a chance to be part of this amazing and creative community.  Don't be afraid too!


Wow! This is absolutely breathtaking work. Congratulations .
Jennifer Smith
This is absolutely amazing! Wonderful piece of art!
This is a really exciting, super futuristic piece! I love your attention to detail!
I have a weak for lingerie with many straps and transparant corsets. Perfect combination! I hope to see you grow in your dream :) Also very interesting inspiration! You translated this very well!
You did an outstanding job! And such a neat execution. I love this sketch and I can really the this inspiration in your design, That you incorporated the old velvet is so nice, sometimes those little details make those things special. The lines you created with different transparencies are gorgeous. Also so much attention to detail with the cording and the detachable collar and the garters, you really thought it through. I am really impressed! <3
Really stunning stitching and construction, I love the lines and stark monochrome textures interpreted from the original sketch too!
This is incredible! I'm sorry but I refuse to believe that you didn't know how to sew at all a year ago; this is some really beautiful craftsmanship, congratulations !
One of my top favourite entries for sure!
Your design resonates with me on so many levels - the lingerie inspiration, the architectural shapes, the quilted details and straps... It's incredible how far you have come in such a short time and I'm looking forward to seeing what you will do next. Just followed you on IG. ^_^

This is so cool, I love designs with hip fins but never done it myself. I like the simplicity of the colours and the cleanness of the execution. Fantastic!
Wow, this is gorgeous, and very creative! I love everything about it!

Мне очень нравится! Графично, аккуратно, игриво, оригинально, продуманно, чудесная работа!
kitty mortensen
This is absolutely stunning, it definitely has a luxurious lingerie feel and I could no doubt see this piece as the crown jewel at Agent Provocateur or Bordelle or any other edgy, modern luxury brand! I am beyond impressed- you can definitely level up a few categories next year if you feel comfortable with it, because this piece is what dreams are made of <3
Well done

Amazing work! And for just a year experience you can be so proud of what you have accomplished!
The mix of lines in this is delightful, I especially love the hips and use of sentimental velvet!
Wow! I love everything about this piece, from the strappy collar and garters, to the cording along the side-back, to the dramatic hip fins and the translucency of the corset itself. Amazing work!
Beautiful! Clean and sassy, well built with great materials, I love it!
Oh my gosh! It's hard to believe you've only been sewing a year. I would say you're well on your way to making lingerie and corsets! I definitely see the influence from your inspiration in the hip panels, the lacing and the straps!
Amazing ! It is so nice to see something closer to actual lingerie for a change. And so perfectly executed and well-balanced !
Unbelievable that this time last year you didn't know how to sew. The futurist inspiration is obvious and you've created a really sexy and modern piece of lingerie. I think I need one of these!!
Love this, incredible work, especially love the contrast stitching on the side panels and the front lacing.
I love the graphic lines here - both in the lacing at the front, the collar and the hip fins - and the construction is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on a stunning entry!
You definitely should go on sewing. It's incredibly beautiful,!
Sewing for one year?! You must have put in some serious hard work to come so far. Congratulations - your work is beautiful!
It's gorgeous! I love both the design and the execution. Bravissima!
I. AM. SPEECHLESS. This is so amazing! Can't believe that you just learned how to sew a year ago! You are very skilled!
marloes dadswell
Loving the lingerie style of this design and the beautiful lines you have created. What a great achievement!
I've already said this on Instagram - how terrible impressed I am with your skill that you developed in such a short time! Your work shows some incredible craftsmanship and the corset is so full of power, yet the model looks so soft and young - I adore the contrast between her paleness and the outfit's darkness!
Beautiful work! I love the transparency with the side parts that jet out it’s done so delicatly but look super strurdy too! Congrats!
Wow! This corset demonstrates mastery of multiple fabrics and techniques. Bravo!
Really lovely work! Well done. Love the hip pieces
Lovely design and well executed. I looks beautiful.
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