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The 2020 Competition is now over.
The 2021 Theme will be chosen by our Members in April!

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All Entries


  Beauty for Ashes

  Laura Murray Thumbnail

Blue Lotus 


Coral Rose

  Helen Donnelly Thumbnail

marianne laimer    thumb

  Annie Brahe Thumbnail

Jeanette Murray   thumbnail

Pentti Lahti & Mira Penttilä 


  Elea Sibille Thumbnail

Ritta  Koleva

  Sophie Taylor Thumbnail

Poppaea Bicknell thumbnail

Paula Yeomans Hill thumbnail

 Lina Piprek

Marion Bregier

Spring Maiden

Mary McGuinness  thumb

In Nature 

  olgapotaeva1 Thumbnail

  Jutta Burghardt Thumbnail

  Evgeniya Molodykh Thumbnail

  The Petal Corset

  Caroline Geissbühler Thumbnail

  Carly Van Groeningen

Weeping Willow 

Arcadian Shepherdess 


Poppaea Bicknell thumbnail

In Nature 

  K.A. Lambe Thumbnail

 Lina Piprek

Jeske van der Meijs thumb

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