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The 2020 Competition is now over.
The 2021 Theme will be chosen by our Members in April!

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 Julia Elstring   Julia Elstring  Julia Elstring  Julia Elstring  Julia Elstring


After Ragnarök

Julia Elstring, Hovmantorp, Sweden (mytomsydd.se)

IG: julia_mytomsydd

Assistant: Kristoffer Berglind


The Design

I took inspiration from the Norse mythology. The corset tells the story of what happens after Ragnarök (Armageddon) when all of the world will go under. The white patchwork part of the corset is the old, faded past. Only scraps and faded imprints of leaves are left. The inside of the lapels however is covered with the first growth of the new world. I decided from the beginning that to honour the theme of circular economy, recycling and remaking I would only use fabrics and materials that I already had and that were left over after other projects.


  • Contrast between old and new
  • The use of scrap fabrics and left overs
  • Nordic mythology


The Construction

  • The fashion fabric is made of a patchwork of different white fabrics.
  • The strength layer is an old sheet of good, sturdy quality.
  • The lapels are covered with French knots of moulié yarn. The glowing flowers are crocheted, dyed, starched and fitted with led lights.
  • The boning is a combination of steel, spiral steel and plastic.
  • The collar is built out of layers of acrylic net, steel wire, and felt.

Pattern: I drew the pattern starting with a basic female bodice block with my measurements and worked it in to a basic S-shape corset (turn of the 19th century). I then changed the seams slightly and added the lapels.

Limitations and challenges: As I have decided to enter the competition to develop and push myself into becoming better, I always end up with a too-ambitious idea and far too much work. This year the adding of a couple thousand French knots was possibly a bad idea as they took most part of the weekends during the autumn and winter. It was fun to make a corset with lights in though.


Materials Used

Fashion and strength- layer: Cotton, wool, raw silk, linen. Boning: plastic, steel, spiral steel cotton satin for boning channels. decoration: cotton yarn, silk dye, starch, led- lights. Building layers: acrylic net, steel- wire, cotton felt.


What was it like to compete this year? What would you say to someone who is on the fence about entering next year?

To enter the foundations revealed competition is a great opportunity to move your skills forward, to get new inspiration and to think outside the box. It is a good experience for both mind and hands to have someone else to choose the theme and timeframe. If you become a finalist that is just a great bonus.


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