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The 2020 Competition is now over.
The 2021 Theme will be chosen by our Members in April!

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Goddess of the Deep SeaGoddess of the Deep SeaGoddess of the Deep Sea Goddess of the Deep SeaGoddess of the Deep SeaGoddess of the Deep Sea


Goddess of the Deep Sea

Meritxell Pinyol (Red Velvet Corsets)

IG: redvelvetcorsets


The Design

When I saw 'renewal' and 'rebirth' were the subjects for the contest, I thought immediately in the cycle of life. Because life is, in itself, a huge cycle. Animals, weather, time... and of course, water. All is included into this infinite circle.

Visions of the Flora and the spring makes me think of another Botticelli painting, The Birth of Venus, and how she emerges from the sea, the same sea that brings me scenes of the cycle of water as it evaporates to later rain on the river, which will bring it back to the sea.

I used the myth of Aphrodite arising from the sea to inspire my design. Sea is the starting and ending in the cycle of water, and the cradle of many species. With this in mind, I thought about re-use old clothes, T-shirts dyed with natural products to give them a bluish tone that reminds of the sea, it all mixed with memories of my grandfather, a fisherman. I utilized the same fishing nets that he used to use, along with some shells that we found together.

A skirt made from plastics from the waste of my family business completes the look, closing a familiar circle, as I have put in this design a little bit of each of my closest relatives, thinking of it as a symbol of rebirth and another cycle in life.


The Construction

I'm self-taught and I create my own patterns with much effort, love and dedication. First of all, in order to achieve this, I modified my overbust pattern making the front heart-shaped, adding a panel for the hips area, and making a greater waist reduction than I used to do.

In this corset I used for the first time the mesh fabric to replace the side panels and combined it with recycled T-shirt fabrics, I tried to dye it using red cabbage but the synthetic composition of the main fabric didn’t absorb the colour. Instead, the other shirt fabrics used for the hips area took some degraded colour.

As the T-shirt fabric is very elastic, I reinforced it with interfacing and used two more layers of canvas for each panel except for the part of mesh. I used it also to make boning channels. The corset has spiral bones and flat steel bones in the back panel. It’s finished with cotton lining and hand finished bias tape binding.

The two hip pieces are made with cut T-shirt strips (in Spain we call it "trapillo"), and I used crochet technique to make shaped hips.

I used a lot of shells and embroidered pearls to decorate the front panel and hips. This needed higher doses of patience than usual!


Material Used

In this design I used a lot of recycled materials like old T-shirts, fishing net, shells and sea snails collected from the beach, plastics waste from my family business, and ribbon I had from another project. In order to reinforce and finish the corset, I used canvas fabric, interfacing, printed cotton lining, mesh, spring steel bones and flat steel bones with their ends and eyelets.

I want to thank my mom, who is currently sick, for helping me to gather the recycled materials used for this design.


What was it like to compete this year? What would you say to someone who is on the fence about entering next year?

I would recommend you to participate in this contest; for me it has been a good opportunity to improve my skills and challenge myself, and I hope people also now know my brand.


Not only is it a beautiful piece of work, but the inspiration is so touching. Also, super clever to use both plastic and fishing nets - I would never have come up with that!
Wow, that's so amazing! I love the gray fabric. I never like this type of fabric but you've made it so good looking!
Oh, this is exquisite!!! Truly whimsical and inspiring piece....thank you for sharing your work. I also love that so much of it is upcycled!!
I love your textures and details! I almost used red cabbage for mine-- did a test on a couple different fabric swatches, but it's soooo fugitive that it wasn't right for my project. I do love the ghostly grey it fades to, though! Well done!
I love how you’ve created such a spectacular piece out of such unconventional materials! This is such an interesting juxtaposition between the softness of a jersey knit t-shirt and the structure of a corset.
kitty mortensen
I'm in awe at how you used the croched teed to make hippodrome, this is stunning and it looks so soft. Lovely piece
As a self proclaimed mermaid (before it was cool), your fabric embodiment of the ocean is truly awe inspiring.
I love how many recycled materials you've utilised to make this piece, it's so clever. And I adore the crocheted hip fins!
Such clever and thoughtful use of the upcycled materials. I love the ocean theme, its got such an ethereal vibe. Beautiful.
This is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the story behind it. Well done!
Laurel Price
I think the oceans are some of the most inspiring places to draw from, from the beaches to the depths of the trenches to the coral reef that are in a constant state of death and growth.

The steps here are so beautifully interwoven with memories and mementos of your life and family, I'm so absurdly happy to see it.
Between the contrasting textures you have everywhere, I think one of my favorite details is the lilac ribbon on the back. It ties everything together in such a subtle way, I love it.

Holy moley! That's beautiful.
I love the texture that all the different materials create. Also, looks like it would be very fun to wear!
It was fascinating to read the background story behind your design!
Very impressive how you upcycled all these materials into such a beautiful piece. Well done!

I love how you have put together so many different textures! It's wonderful that you could turn an old t-shirt into this!
This is like a wearable collage! Corsetry sculpture in action. Interesting and innovative work demonstrated here.
Lovely interpretation, with so many textures and depth.
marloes dadswell
What an inspired piece you have turned out. So skillfully and artfully done. Like a sculpture come to life.
I love your clever use of all of these different recycled materials! You did a wonderful job stabilizing the jersey material, it looks very well-structured!
So unusual and clever, a really thoughtful interpretation of the theme, with great materials, beautifully executed
I love your material choices, beautifully done!
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