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Coral Rose

Elena Pozdnyakova, Moscow, Russia

IG: sewingwhole9yards


The Design

I got inspired by this year's contest theme, as I had two personal projects matching it (kimono remake and this one with blooming roses) and really needed the push to even start those. Unfortunately, I had very little time to sew (as I am sewing after my full-time job), and I had a definite idea in mind for both of my intended projects. I decided to finish my ‘Coral rose’ (as a second project was a four piece set including the corset).

In the beginning I planned to use mesh for the corset, but then I found the fabric left from my other project: greenish-gold cotton sateen, which seemed perfect as a canvas for the roses. The design of the corset is rather basic, as my main idea was using the beautiful 3D rose embroidery set I bought years ago and never had the chance to use. The real challenge was to place the embroidery on the corset curves so it would add to the curves and not mask them.


The Construction

This was my third overall corset and first one I made not as a course project for Irissa’s corset school I attended 1.5 years ago. This one is based on Nemuro corset patterns and sewn using her methods, as I worked as her sewing apprentice for the last 6 months on and off. On the mock-up I tried placing the embroidery and re-drew the patterns a couple of times for the lines to be cohesive and so that the embroidery lines lined up well to the corset curves. The corset was assembled using double boning in most of the seams; it’s rather light but has a decent waist reduction. The embroidery is hand-stitched on the finished corset, and it was the main challenge.


Materials Used

Cotton sateen for an outer layer - leftovers from my other project, thus the bias tape was made in an awkward angle and was really short, as it was cut in the end (and it shows), cotton brocade for the base layer (I decided not to buy fabric in a matching color, so I used leftovers I had on hand), three types of boning (5mm steel, 5mm spiral wire, 5mm plastic), 5mm eyelets, cotton threads in two different shades, 3D embroidery set I bought a couple of years ago.


What was it like to compete this year? What would you say to someone who is on the fence about entering next year?

It was crazy, as I managed to miss a post with the announcement of the theme and deadlines, so I learned about it in the middle of January and was talked into participating by Nemuro (I did whine a lot that I had a project for the theme but had absolutely no time to even start). In the end I decided to at least try it, as I am a really deadline-oriented person (as in: no deadline, may not even start as I have a ton of other stuff to do). I started sewing on January 25th (though I had decided on the design, patterns and embroidery placement by then) and sewed like crazy all the weekends (well, both of them) and after work. In the end I have a finished corset and considerably less spare fabric lying around, so it’s a total win. Also I started on the pants, shirt and skirt to wear this corset with.

I would definitely recommend participating! It’s fun, gives you a push and/or inspiration for starting your project and hopefully finishing it in time.


kitty mortensen
I can relate so much to the right schedule, but I'm so amazed with this corset, such lush colours together <3 and the shape ya so good on you. Amazing *sqeel* <3
blush Thank you so much for the kind words! and yes, scheldule is everything and hand-stitching took a lot more time than I antisipated (thanks to all those leaves and petals).
kitty mortensen
applique is a timeconsuming mistress :P
Stunning! The fit of the corset is wonderful and I adore the roses! Good luck!
Thank you! *___*
Andrea Chavez
Well, that is just flipping gorgeous! Well done you!
Rossanne Hamilton
I love this. The placement of the flowers is beautiful, and the fit is fantastic
This is by far my favorite. It’s breathtakingly gorgeous! The color of the corset is perfect.
The stunning! Can I have this (just kidding) Love Love Love! How it fits your curves. You are one talented lady ❤️

Beautiful! I always love detailing that wraps with the shape of the body. Love this!
Ankharet verch Meredudd
This is just beautiful work! O just love the way the appliqué curves around!
I love how you emphasized the lines and curves of the piece with the embroidery. This is so pretty, and the fit is amazing!
Unbelievable that you made that in such a short timescale. Its looks fantastic and I love how the placement of the floral embroidery accentuates the curves
This is exquisite!! The embroidered flowers against the smooth sateen makes for such a delightful combination of textures, it’s such a pleasure to look at!
Joy R.
I've never seen 3-D embroidery before! Your use of it in the corset just wonderful. You clearly have an eye for detail!
WoOw!! So beautiful! Your passion for this project really shines.
It is really amazing what you can do with trim and applique. Very beautiful!
Gorgeous! Love the way you plotted the applique turning your "blank canvas" into an elegant work of art. Great job.
This is absolutely stunning. The fit is great and the embroidery makes such an impact on the neutral base.
This is one of the most beautiful corsets I’ve had the pleasure of seeing! Well done, your craftsmanship is incredible
Beautiful! The roses looks so lovely, and accentuate the lines and curves of the corset perfectly.
Excellent de-stashing skills, and such a lovely fitting corset!
Stunning! I am in love with those roses! ?
And I am a huge fan of the floating modesty panel. smile

Ist crazy that you had the courage to start with a project so close to the deadline - and what a beatiful result!
It's pure beauty, I can say nothing else. The roses, which are both stunning and gorgeous (I can not understand how you embroidered them AND made a corset in two weekends, it would have taken me five years!) reminds me so much of some Théophile Gautier (a french poet of the 19th century that I love) poems, in Émaux et Camées, such as "A une robe rose" (To a pink dress):
"Frêle comme une aile d'abeille,/Frais comme un cœur de rose-thé,/ Son tissu, caresse vermeille,/ Voltige autour de ta beauté
De l'épiderme sur la soie,/Glissent des frissons argentés,/Et l'étoffe à la chair renvoie/Ses éclairs roses reflétés."
The corset is also a masterpiece. So far, your work is my favorite of those in the competition, and they are all amazing.

That rose embroidery is stunning!
Such beautiful layering and texture... Also the shape and construction of the base corset is very beautiful. I always admire the work of people who have learnt from Irissa and your entry is a gorgeous example of that. Love it!

This is stunning - the colours works so well and I think you're right - the plain colour of the corset underneath really allows those roses to stand out.
The rose appliqué is stunning, a beautiful corset.
Gallagher Green
This is just so stunning! Great work.
This is a gorgeous corset! Your entry inspired me to take a look at your instagram account and I was happy to discover more photos of your entry :) I love the embellishment, and the simple, stylish lines of your corset. Beautiful work :)
marloes dadswell
Can't believe this is your third corset! Its shape is beautiful and the appliqué is gorgeous. I really like the 3D effect you have created with these florals that are hugging the curves of the corset.
Such a wonderful colour combination, the sateen is similar enough to make it feel "connected" with the embroidery, but subdued enough to make the embroidery really pop. A perfect canvas indeed!
It looks really lovely, the fabric and the lace work very well together!
I love how you have the flowers arranged!
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