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The 2020 Competition is now over.
The 2021 Theme will be chosen by our Members in April!

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Cosmic Butterfly  

Cosmic Butterfly     Cosmic Butterfly

Cosmic Butterfly     Cosmic Butterfly

Cosmic Butterfly



Cosmic Butterfly

Sophie Taylor (Silver Rose Corsetry)

IG: silver.rose.corsetry

Inspiration and Mood Board: Pinterest

Photographer: Subject to Status

Model: Stephanie Loraine


The Design

The Cosmic Butterfly was inspired by a trip to Butterfly World in Spring ’19. I found the colours, intricacy and delicate design of the wings to be ethereal. It inspired me to try and capture this detail into a corset to enhance the delicacy of the female form.

I was hoping to push my boundaries on creating simple patterns for corsets by creating a pattern design which followed the print of a butterfly wing.

Butterflies are a symbol of re-birth and renewal, beginning as a caterpillar before creating a home for themselves to grow into something beautiful. I was inspired to apply this to my work by taking some time to renew my designs and re-look at how I approach creating patterns. I knew this piece was going to be the biggest technical challenge I have faced so far, but the journey of producing this piece has helped me break through to create more constructionally challenging pieces. Using the structure of the corset to add to the design of the piece, I mimicked the design of a butterfly wing.


The Construction

I draped a standard corset pattern on the mannequin and I used this as a base to draw on new panel seams, creating the butterfly wing pattern pieces. This new pattern creates the upper part of the design, using duchess satin with a custom butterfly design. To prevent warping the fabric I used interfacing to back the satin, and hand basted these pieces to a black coutil before sewing the top half of the corset together.

The hip godets are black power mesh sewn up separately to the rest of the pattern. More pressing was needed to mould the seams before sewing them open. I repeated this with the upper section of the corset to create the inner top stitching on the seams. I attached the power mesh to the satin, creating the full body of the corset. This required a lot of easing in, as the waist seam had an opposing curve to the upper corset. I created a button stand-style pattern piece for the eyelets so that the hip godets would not meet at the back.

I made satin bias binding to create boning channels, holding two bones per seam. I struggled with the overlapping of boning channel stitching, however using a zipper foot worked well. The spiral steel boning I custom cut, finishing off the corset with the same black satin bias binding and paying particular attention to the peaked edges of the hip godets and gunmetal silver eyelets for lacing up.


Materials Used

Printed duchess satin,
Black coutil
Power corsetry mesh
Self made satin bias binding
Metal eyelet
Satin ribbon
Spiral steel boning (self custom-cut length)
Spring steel (custom-cut length)


What was it like to compete this year? What would you say to someone who is on the fence about entering next year?

Be brave, you never know until you try!


It's beautiful, and both strong and delicate!
Rossanne Hamilton
This is breathtaking. I love the contrast of the hips
I love that mesh peplum going on! It really adds to the delicacy of the piece; and the whole look is positively ethereal!
kitty mortensen
Stunning work, marvellous done. I love how you managed to get the pattern itself to be butterfly
I'm a sucker for anything butterflies so this is speaking to me! The silhouette is amazing Sophie.
Gorgeous, the panels and shapes are so lovely.
Love the design. Came out so beautifully!
Joy R.
The way you pattern matched with the butterfly print is striking! That must have been a labor of love and design!
Meri Pinyol
I love the pattern on the hips zone, it's very original, good job!
The craftsmanship, shapes and combination of materials and colours are gorgeous!
My favourite part is the mesh peplum detailing. Beautiful execution - I can imagine how tricky that must have been to make.

You did such a wonderful job with the pattern! The completed corset is just delightful!
Incredible pattern cutting skills. Love it.
Lovely shape and patterning, beautiful piece.

I love the construction so much! Your piece is so complicated and delicate at the same time, amazing!
Such a pretty design the way it cuts away at the back under the waist. I love it, and the fabric is gorgeous!
marloes dadswell
Fierce and beautiful! What a stunning print and shape!
Fantastic pattern making exploration - really exciting to see you experimenting
Beautiful construction and pattern use <3
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