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The 2020 Competition is now over.
The 2021 Theme will be chosen by our Members in April!

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Avriel Avriel

Avriel Avriel

Avriel Avriel 



Pentti Lahti & Mira Penttilä

IG: thevioletsnowstorm

Model: Sofia @magnificentwhiterabbit


The Design

We came up with the idea of using repurposed and leftover materials. Spring and the waking up of everything felt right for us when it comes to renewal. Soft colour, soft lights. Delicacy of new things. The soft and fluffy feelings one has in the spring. Soft but strong. We went through our boxes of materials and went with a gut feeling. These materials just felt right. Our main inspiration was the softness.


The Construction

Fashion fabric used to be an old skirt, coutil and mesh are leftovers from previous projects. Lace appliqués and beading are from old wedding gowns and the OCOC19 swap table. Also the zipper of the tulle skirt is reused.

We wanted to try a bit more complex way to construct a corset with a mesh by adding hip panels and slicing vertical panels diagonally to accentuate the curves. Also making a partially external waist tape was an interesting challenge.

There are both external and internal boning channels depending on the placement. We covered up mesh seams on the inside with velvet ribbon for more comfort. The fashion fabric is flatlined with the coutil and treated as one. On the inside of the corset is a floating lining attached to parts where there is no mesh. The binding is made of the same fashion fabric and it's finished by hand.

The lace applique is made of three different lace fabrics. They are carefully placed on top of each other to create an interesting surface. They are sewn on by machine where it was possible, and the rest is finished by hand. All the little beads and sequins are hand sewn on last.

This was the second mesh corset we have done so there were helpful articles about mesh corsets on Foundations Revealed, and Royal Black Couture's Patreon page was also handy.


Materials Used

Dupion silk, herringbone coutil, polyester corsetry mesh, cotton lining, fusible interlining, herringbone tape, cotton thread, three different lace fabrics, sequins, glass beads, spiral steel boning, flat steel boning, velvet ribbon, grommets, satin lacing, tulle and polyester lining and an invisible zipper.


kitty mortensen
I love the softness of the colours and materials, and how the lace hugs your figure. Beautifully done
I love how romantic this garment is! Beautiful colours and even more beautiful details, great job!
Dreamy! I love the idea of the partially exposed waist tape. Would live to hear how you solved that.
I absolutely love the invisible side panels! They add such intrigue to the design!
this is stunning! i love pink, especially a soft baby pink like the one you choose, its so dreamy and reminiscent of spring! the appliqué and beading really makes this piece all the more gorgeous. thank you for sharing this with us, it has really inspired me to sew more so that i can one day i too can make a beautiful corset!
I love the soft colour and layering of the lace, so beautiful!
The colours are gorgeous. I can't believe those are repurposed and leftover materials, the different elements go so brilliantly together. It's so soft and delicate. Just beautiful.
So pretty!
There are so many wonderful construction elements and the layered lace is breathtaking.
As soon as I saw this I instantly thought of the cherry trees in spring. The Kwanzan cherry trees that have been shaped and cultivated turn into a mass of delicate, pink blossoms. The branches of the trees are visible in brief breaks in the mass of flowers, lending strength to the ethereal mass, their form having been shaped by purposeful trimming and bending.
Definitely gives me feelings of apple and cherry blossoms, which are some of my favorite spring flowers. Nicely done!
What a gorgeous corset!
Dupioni silk combined with mesh and lace is such a lovely combination and you have put it together perfectly!
Well done!

Such a classy corset! You achieved a really beautiful silhouette!
Dreamy, soft and yes, very evocative of Spring. Gorgeous.
Delicate but strong, I love the exposed waist tape and side panels.
marloes dadswell
The sheerness of the mesh is beautiful and give this sweet design a bit of edge. Very well done!
Lovely to see you exploring new techniques and adding to your skills!
I love this design, so feminine and dainty! I also like how the lace pieces in the front kind of makes a heart shape :)
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