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The 2020 Competition is now over.
The 2021 Theme will be chosen by our Members in April!

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Ode to Osiris  Ode to Osiris

Ode to Osiris Ode to Osiris

Ode to Osiris Ode to Osiris


Ode to Osiris

Rebecca Robinson, Bromsgrove

IG: Sea Breeze Costume


The Design

Osiris was both a god of fertility and the embodiment of the dead. According to the myth, Osiris was killed and torn into 14 pieces, then flung across Egypt. His wife, Isis, found and buried all but one piece, thereby giving new life to Osiris, who remained in the underworld as ruler and judge as he couldn't remain with the living in his new form. Osiris was not only ruler of the dead but also the power that granted all life from the underworld, from crops to the annual flood of the River Nile. He did not signify resurrection as even he didn't rise from the dead. Instead, he signified the renewal of life both in the next world and on Earth.

Originally, I had a very ambitious plan based on three Goddess linked to lunar cycles and had made multiple toiles for the people I'd asked to model them, before having to abandon it completely to move away for a few months for a costume job. So I decided on Osiris as a 'Plan B' after watching "The Mummy Returns" for the 100th time and feeling inspired to research some Egyptian gods. However, again I had to tone back my complicated costume adaptation for 'Plan B' due to moving halfway across the country for a permanent job. I was adamant I'd finish my entry regardless of it being different to what I'd hoped it would be, so to me it now represents the often necessary renewal of creative ideas. 


The Construction

The pleating represents the mumification bandages, the corset is green due to his skin being depicted as green in my research, and the lace has been beaded in blues and greens as a link to the scarab beetle.

I began drafting an overbust corset, decided I didn't like it in the fitting and decided to give cups a go as I wanted to challenge myself to do something I'd never done before. After drafting and toiling a new underbust, I much preferred the fit and marked on where I thought the cups would sit. The next toile I made out of coutil instead of calico and followed Barbara's cup tutorial; it sat too low on me and offered very little bust support so I altered the pattern to come up higher and cut away some excess cup. Most of the corset was made during breaks at work each day as I could use the workroom at my job which was so helpful, purely because of the wonderful suction bed irons! Pleating the cups was difficult, not only because of the angle I chose to pleat on, but because I just couldn't get them to match each other 100%, which was incredibly frustrating, and I wasted a lot of time trying to mirror them perfectly. I also tried to be sustainable with my materials: the only things I bought for this corset were two half meters of silk and a pack of eyelets, as I already had everything else I needed.


Materials Used

Green and teal silk, cups & underwires from an old bra, coutil, woven fusible interfacing, silver eyelets, seed beads, lace motifs, spiral bones, flat steel bones and synthetic boning.


What was it like to compete this year? What would you say to someone who is on the fence about entering next year?

Competing this year was tough mentally: I struggled to let go of the ideas I wanted to create in favour of what I realistically could create with the very limited time I had.

Although there are so many things 'wrong' with my entry, I'm so glad I stuck at it and fully intend to do it all again next year. For the fence sitters, have a go! I honestly believe it's better to take a chance and see where it takes you, instead of staying in your comfort zone and letting it slip by. You never know what could happen by taking that first scary step.

kitty mortensen
I'm so inspired by this, it's gorgeous and the story just adds a little extra to it. Love it
Wow, the panels are so smooth! Amazing and bright colours and an interesting "backstory"!
I looove all that perfect pleating! And what a glorious color palette!
To maintain the fit and the pleats on the cups takes real skill. It's so vibrant Rebecca
Beautiful work, I love the pleating.
The colour combo and the pleading are beautiful!
Great work, as others have said, I'm so impressed with the smoothness! I love the pleated cups.
I love the direction you went, and the shades of the Nile in this piece!
You can be so proud of yourself for not giving up and pushing through with your entry!
Cups are really challenging to fit and execute, but your's have turned out lovely. Beautiful colours and material combination too, well done!

It's great that you didn't give up! I love this corset, the pleated cups are my favourite detail!
The pleated details on this corset are wonderful! Respect for going down the cupped road - it's a treacherous one!
The waist to hip shape is gorgeous and I love the pleated cups, fab job.
marloes dadswell
It turned out so beautifully and I love your inspiration. I do hope you will get to make the other concept you came up with come to reality as it sounds so amazing! But really well done on this entry. It shows fantastic skills and eye for detail!
what a wonderfully original idea! The pleating is a nice exploration into next level design :)
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