icon-smJenni continues on silhouette and fitting a house style on different body shapes, plus its relationship to your corsetry business and brand identity.

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Such an insightful article, I love it!
Fantastic article!

This is pretty much what I told my Mum when she asked why didn't I start just making simple low reduction corsets (perhaps even plastic boned) to sell considering so many people would buy them and I'd at least get some experience and profit.
I have no desire to make corsets which I wouldn't be happy wearing myself. I don't want to waste my time learning how to use plastic boning in corsets when I wouldn't wish its use on my worst enemy. It would also be pretty stupid to try to enter a market which is saturated with mass produced cheap items from China.
I had to explain to her how it is far better with corsetry to specialise on something you love to create as that really shines through into your work. If I made plastic boned corsets it would be just working against what I'd hope would become my "house style".
I'll be showing her this article so she doesn't keep thinking my efforts are futile! ;)

Truly wonderful article. Thank you so very much for such an insightful and helpful piece. Trying to achieve the final result that my clients are looking for in purpose and final "look" is so varied, and in bespoke it has been difficult for me to find that identifiable collection to fit all ranges. Especially in attempting to balance all of the variations in shape, sizes, curves, natural silhouette, etc. . Much info here to ponder and love the test fittings recommendation with sample corsets to achieve a result that I am happy with and to see that a bespoke style custom to many clients is truly possible without designing/constructing an entirely different style with each. Thank you, Jenni for the insight and for sharing with us so much of your knowledge.
Just superb, as usual! You are an inspiration, and your articles are always educational, and simply awesome! :)
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