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Patent Challenge H.S. Strauss No. 208049, Pt 1

icon smClare takes on the FR patent challenge to breathe life into this deceivingly simple 1878 corset, beginning with the toile.

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  Looking great! I love how carefully you fitted it to you but without drastically changing the shape of the original. I can definitely tell it is a Victorian shape and love scooped front shaping and bust support. I can't wait to see what you do with this! I think you'll be amazed at how light and supportive the synthetic whalebone can be. I've only used it in 4 corsets and 2 are my personal pieces but Im super happy with it in the initial stages of testing.  
  Thanks, Laurie! It was really important to me to keep that historical shape - this is about using/resurrecting a historical patent, so for me it's vital to work with it, rather than push it into whatever shape I want. Hope you enjoy the final piece as much! :)  
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