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1882 Strauss patent diagramWhen I first looked at the patent for this 1882 Strauss corset I was incredibly intimidated. It has 26 pieces, 13 each side, and only six are just fabric...

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Really interesting to see your experiment and comparisons. I also liked the listing of materials with different pros and cons. Detailed planning always helps reduce boo-boos in the construction step! :)
Ooh, it's looking gorgeous! Very tempted to try this patent again now, excellent article :-D
Very interesting. My first thought on seeing the mock-up is that the shapes & directions of the panels remind me of anatomy drawings of the muscle layer. Which does make total sense.
Hi. Well i decided to take the dive and attempt to make this corset. I have read this article and the patent notes over and over. Nothing looks to be beyond my abilities however I have a question on one part that the patent is vague on , I think or maybe I am not reading it right. But there is also no mention about it in this article and that is the sheath that is on the insideto insert a stay to prevent sagging at the sides. If I am to use spring spiral boning on the diagonal channels where and how is the sheath placed and sewn so as not to interfere one with the other? I'm stumped or maybe just need to get some sleep.
dmnsg1 -- I actually had completely forgot it when I made the second mock-up. For the first mock-up, I taped the boning to the inside, and from the photos on the first article, you can see that that there's little sagging. When i realized that I hadn't put that length in the 2nd mock-up, it was too late for the deadline for this article! I did put it on a week later, to wear to a festival, and will be talking about different options for this in the last article -- the method I used first left welts that stayed for a week!
Delirium71 - That's actually what several friends and I thought, too, to the extent that we looking online for fabric printed like muscles....
mala_14 - that's the plan! I hate running into road blocks part way through, so try to plan things out.
Sparklewren - Thanks!

dmsg1 - FYI the options I'm considering/evaluating include tacking down an long strip of casing to the inside, putting the vertical strips in the lining shell, and another period technique.
And apologies if that last comment didn't make too much sense, I shouldn't post right after waking up!

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