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1881 T. S. Gilbert Patent Corset, US249335 Pt 2

icon-smHannah uses information gained from her first article about this late C19th pattern to construct and finish a beautiful corset using silk organza, coutil and steel.

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  Gorgeous Hannah!

I enjoyed reading the articles in this project and the result is a beautiful corset which has kept the integrity and aestheticsof Neon Duchess, I love that an antique patent can be brought so up to date with fabric and embellishment choices.
I also love how you have included all the small details such as needle size etc, very helpful for someone wanting to recreate this.
  Thank you so much Angela, glad you enjoyed the articles. I certainly enjoyed writing them and making the corset (even though I nearly threw it in the bin!) :-)  
  A very interesting project and a well-written, detailed article! Thanks a lot for sharing this experience - it will be very useful as there are many techniques used that can be used for different applications.

Love the final look of the corset!
  Thank you Clare for taking the time to read the article and comment, it's much appreciated. :-)  
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