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Symington Corset Pattern 23160

icon smApril covers the basics of making up our Competition 2016 pattern, with observations and suggestions to achieve a "modern" fit.

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  Same here for me. Don't you feel the corset is unusually long, I feel it will be very hard to sit down in this one. I put the work on hold for some time before deciding where to make modifications  
  Haha! Yes, it is pretty long from the waist down. Sitting in it was okay for the taller (longer torso-ed?) people that I put it on, but as you can see on the model, we could easily take a couple of inches off the bottom edge for her and it would look to fit much better.

I look forward to seeing where you chose to make your modifications. Happy stitching!
  My first thought when seeing your finished corset was that it looks way more like the natural form corsets of the 1870's. The little waist just below the low bust and the long, tapered hips look a bit old-fashioned when we consider the 1890's favored the elongated upper torso, often with shorter hips. Maybe this style catered to older women who preferred the styles of their youth.

It will be interesting to see how we all interpret this pattern for our entries. Despite the fit issues, your corset is beautiful! This article was most helpful--it's the motivation I've needed to get started on my entry.
  Thank you!

It's interesting to think about the particular audience for antique corset patterns. I also wonder how much alteration was available to the customer (if any) to customize it to her preferences.

Enjoy your time sewing your contest submission. I can wait to see what you make!
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