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Black/Yellow Symington Corset 31300

Black/Yellow Symington Corset 31300 by Michelle FitzgeraldEver wanted to make that black and yellow beauty from Symingtons? Michelle finds the matching pattern and shows you how!

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  Still in love with this black and yellow combination ever since I saw the corset in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam upclose. You made a stunning reproduction, love it!

  It's not often that I see reproduction corsets that are so well done they could pass for an original at first glance (and I've studied photos of LOTS of antique corsets, inside and out). Much of your interior construction is faithful to Victorian techniques too (they were not concerned with hiding what we consider "messy"!) You've managed to capture much of what I consider "true Victorian" fit and finish, and you should be proud of that. I've come to realize it's much harder to do than one might think. I pop into your Etsy shop once and a while just to admire this corset and know it's possible for a modern corsetmaker to achieve these results. You can imagine how excited I was to see this article in FR! Thank you for sharing your methods, I'm sure they will be a valuable resource for me in the future :)  
  You mention in the article that you didn't need to alter the pattern very much to fit your figure. Have you had any commissions yet to fit totally different body types? I'm curious how this pattern works on various figures, and the general method you use to alter it.  
  Hello! For the different body types, this corset seems to work as is for a pretty wide range (from totally closed at 34"bust, to somewhere around 38-40".) It's just so strong and it holds its own shape much more so than the usual panel corsets I'm used to working with.
When it does need to make a drastic size-jump, I take it out of the side and back panels. Then any fine-tuning of the bust and hips can be done to account for a different shape.

The only figure this corset really doesn't work well on is the figure that has no squish/give. ;) Which my body was pretty close to originally, and even that still was a pretty nice shape.
Because the waist is such a gentle, gradual curve in, it would feel too big on someone used to wearing the sort of tightlacing corset shape that cups the ribs and goes in immediately after that. But then, it's good to remember that this is an actual undergarment, made to give a comfortable foundation in everyday situations.
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