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1890's Symington Corset #2360

icon smWhat do you do when it's not going well at all? Breanna proves that a not-so-promising mock-up CAN be turned around and saved.

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Seleena Kay  
  I hoping to some day be able to make a corset. But for now, I'm doing research.  
Freda Bromberg  
  No, I don't make corsets but I do use many corset making techniques in my ballet bodices. I also have a great affection for learning new sewing methods and seeing lovely historical costumes.  
  Awesome job tackling this! Your final product looks fabulous, and I love seeing the progress and changes from start to finish. Thanks for the informative writeup; this draft is the next on my list to try out, and I'll be referring back to this article as I work on it.  
  Thank you so much! I am excited to see what you do with this draft.  
  Great article! It's really helpful to see the changes you have made, as we have incredibly similar measurements (high five for being short and short waisted!)  
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