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The Sanakor Plunge Corset, Part 2

icon-smIn part 2, Nikki recreates the design of this unusual Edwardian corset from the Symington collection using the pattern from part 1.

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  This is perfect, I'm in love with this corset since so long... Thank you very much for the hard work and I'm impatient to read the third part!  
  Wish was at my workshop right now because I want to start on this right now :) I've been working on an idea similar but not the same and I think making one of these up would teach me a lot!  
  What a great job! It looks almost exactly like the original.  
  Is there anyway to get the instructions in a PDF? I don't have Word and I can't read the instructions :(  
  I love how this turned out! So pretty!

I had a look at the pdf and tried to download the instructions, but when I opened the word document it just appeared in that crazy computer text stuff which makes no sense. Not sure what happened there, but thought I'd let you know in case its not something at my end.
  Fantastic Nikki!! Brilliant :D Will you bring this to OCOC for us? I'd love to exhibit it :D (ps, i can convert that word file if you send it to me).  
Nikki Swift  
  Aw, thank you for the lovely words everyone! I'm so glad you liked it as it was the most inspiring thing to work on. I hope I can manage to keep you all excited with the third article too... kinda nervous about that one...

Dazeoflauer and Alexafaie, if you want to drop me a line directly at narrowedvisions @gmail.com I will look at getting those instructions out to you in a better format. Same for anyone else who has issues with anything though I'm sure the good folks here will get straight onto any problems asap!
Angela Stringer  
  You've done an amazing job Nikki, you should stop being so hard on yourself. Such a thorough article, it is a thing of beauty! Well done.  
  What a work! I can only be respectful of all the supplied work. Thank you infinitely !  
Jenni Hampshire  
  I hope you've had a well deserved cocktail or treat as this is perfect Nikki! This is completely gorgeous, thank you for sharing the process with us all :-)  
Joelle Atelier Sylphe  
  Thanks so much for this tuto and for the PDF i enclose in my to do list!Like other can't read the instructions..
Congrats on your reproduction corset.
  Well done Nikki, fabulous job and I'm so glad to see that the lace works! Readers, well have a look at that Word file on Monday and put it in a more open source format, ok?  
  Fabulous work Nikki! Well done and can't wait to see it.
Having hunted high and low for that type of suspender elastic I sympathise! But ooh! on the plush!
  Great job! Your corset turned out beautiful.

The instructions opened fine for me but the pattern opened blank.
  Sorry about that J - could it have been a slow Internet problem? Try it again and let us know?  
  Oh Nikki!!!!! It's beautiful!!!!!! !!!! I am gonna cry!  
  Thank you for all your feedback, everyone! We've now combined the pattern and instructions into a single pdf that's available by clicking on the new link in the article, or by clicking http://foundationsrevealed.com/images/stories/2014/7-July/sankor/Sanakor_pattern-instructions.pdf.  
  Beautiful!, shame the pattern page of the pdf comes out blank! Still, your instructions are fantastic.  
  A friend of mine have made this corset and I had the opportunity to try it on. We are both high-waisted with large breasts and the fit is amazing! With just a snug lacing the corset stilo makes you very curvy and I was surprised how much breast-support it gave me. It’s definitely something I want to make for myself now!

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