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icon smNikki takes us through this alternative Edwardian front-closing corset, aimed at making the process of self-lacing easier for a lady.

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Tanja Huntus
May I register to Your site, although I am not a corset maker? I did major in design/art school in fashion design. At the moment I am doing miniature corsets, which are not historically correct. I am very interested in corsets, most likely will get one for myself in near future.
Have a nice day!
Tanja :)

This would be an excellent idea to use in genres such as steampunk. He does seem to have thought very much ahead. I would love to know where you got that shank from though.

This patent does have alot of potential, thank you for trying it out so well.

Hi there Absintheskiss!

Thanks so much for the lovely comment! Yeah it would fit with the genre very well, its considerably better suited to the modern interpretation.

The materials are all from Vena Cava including the lacing hooks. The press and hook dies are from www.tcolledgeandson.com but you will have to register a business account with them to buy. Very worth it though!

A solution to tying knots in the lacing against the skin would be to sew the ends of the lacing under the edge binding. This would make the ends sturdy in regards to tension, keep ends from fraying and sit them smooth against the skin. If you made the belt ties long enough to hang out the bottom when the corset is laced maybe you could untie them after lacing and tuck them somewhere so that you do not have the bulk of an uncomfortable bow between you and the corset.

Hope these ideas are helpful.

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