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How to Make a Corselette

Vintage 50s CorseletteMark shares with us the secrets of working with stretchy powernet, and shows how to make a vintage corselette of the 1950s or 60s.

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  This is really helpfull since I never worked with stretch! Thank you!  
  I'm very interested in creating the long leg panty corselette, however the link to the initial bra making doesn't work (for me). I'm very curious how the standard corselette pattern given here changes for the crotch of a panty corselette.  
  I worked my way through the first trial garment following these directions. I managed to work out a crotch and leg pattern myself. These instructions are so simple to follow I thought it would be much more complicated.  
  Hi dzynurbrian,
I have left some pics on the forum under bras, girdles and other
But Well done, another person who is “thinking on their feet”. When I started writing the articles I did not want to just hand people everything on a plate. I could have just put the complete patterns on the website, told you to print them off full size and get to on with the sawing. I want people to enjoy the feeling of discovery as they work things out, I get such an amazing “buzz” when I see a garment that I have designed and pattern drafted fitting the model / client really well.
You must upload some pics of your garments, I have put up some pics and their patterns of “Bifurcate d foundation garments” (garments with a crutch) for you to get some more ideas and will try to go over them in some articles in the near future.
  Hello Mark, forgive my lack of knowledge here, you say in this article "You may like to sew on a Galloon edged lace trim on top of each control panel/Powernet seam on the outside (no trim stitches on the Powernet please) or use a decorative machine top stitch."

What do you mean by trim stitches?
  Hi allyshake,
Please go to the forum section, Bras, for some answers to your questions. I do not have enough “word space” in the comment box for a full reply.
Corset hugs
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