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Push Up and Sling Bras

Cup shaping and designIn this article on bra design we will look at more cup shaping options, push up bras, and sling bras, and try to solve the problem of "east westing". 

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  These articles are my absolute favorites; thank you so very,uh for demystifying bra-making & especially patterning! My difficulty in building the lingerie I would like fr myself is in finding underwires useable for my US 40G cup size; hav you any resources that might carry such things, or suggestions on a DIY solution in lieu?  
  I have not personally ordered underwires from this site, but they do appear to have a wide range. http://corsetmaking.com/category/bra-underwires.html

I did order a corset kit from them several years ago, and was happy with their service.
  East Westing of the nipples is the natural position, as when a baby is cradled in the arm ready for breast feeding, the nipples are in the correct position. Forward facing nipples look very odd lol...  
  Hi Pudding,
I totally agree, “East West is Best” were babies and nursing mothers are concerned, but in my work I inhabit the unreal world of FASHION and when fashion dictates that the breasts should be pushed up, in and pointing forward to the shape of that of a very young woman’s breasts then I go with that. After all who is the fashion victim? Me who designs bras to give that shape or the people who buy millions of bras each year to obtain that shape. Yes you could argue that it’s people like me who encourage unnatural body shaping but the market for “body enhancement” did come first.
(Note to self) I must write an article expanding on this.

(Body shaping) Corset Hugs
  Do you have any advice to add regarding significant size difference between breasts? My daughter has one side about an A cup and the other about a D, and she'd like to have a bra that is comfortable and hides the issue.  
  That's a tricky issue, momghoti, and I think it may warrant an article in itself. Let me see if we can arrange an article on that subject for you!  
  Oooh, that would be fabulous! She's 16 and very self-conscious about it, and the one side is too small for chicken fillets or pads to work. It's possible that they'll even out eventually, but 16 is hard enough!  
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