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Overwires, not underwiresThe search for the perfect strapless bra is always ongoing. Instead of pushing up from below, let's have a go at suspending from above with "overwires".

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The foam padded spiral overwire bra is perfect for some ideas I've had in mind, thank you so much for this article!
I've noticed a lot of the spiral cup around lately- Dita was wearing an amazing blue floor length gown with this detail , and some of the JPG corsets incorporating it as well- amazing.
For anyone debating if they should make this - DO IT! I'm a UK 34DD and I swear by overwires, but the only one I could find that isn't vintage is the Dita for Wonderbra one. I made the Jack Glick version with a wing/hook and eye back in a couple of hours, and it is marvelous. And I finally found a use for all the piano wire my dad doesn't use for model making anymore.
Very interesting article, thanks!
Just a little question, which diameter of piano wire do you use?
Best regards,

Hi Julie,
For the toile garments I have made for the articles I have used 16swg (standard wire gauge) 0.064”/ 1.625mm Imperial Standard Wire Gauge, 0.051”/ 1.290mm Brown and Sharpe’s American Wire Gauge piano wire.
Just to make sure every one understands the sort of wire I refer to, it’s the springy steel wire used for “control rods” inside model aeroplanes, boats and cars. It is also used for making the landing gear / undercarriage of small model aeroplanes and model makers use it to make small springs for their models. So if you do an Internet search for piano wire and you get sites for model aeroplane, boat and car supplies then you are on the right lines.

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