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Circular Wire Strapless Bra

Overwire Strapless braThe search for the perfect strapless bra is still ongoing. Could this 1952 example be the one? Mark gives full instructions so you can try it for yourself.

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  Mark, thank you for ANOTHER wonderful article. I cannot wait to try some of these ideas. I have recently changed locations temporarily for a job and find myself in Azerbaijan. It is a fascinating place, but supplies for the type of work you and i are doing are not to be found anywhere I know to look. Piano wire IS available, but I have not found "underwire casing" anywhere here. (1) Do you know of a source in Azerbaijan for ANYTHING related to sewing, knitting, etc.? (2) If not, can you think of a reliable substitute for the underwire casing? It needs to be flexible yet so tough. Interestingly enough, women here still wear more corsets for "everyfday" than I have seen in any other country. These are largely ready-to-wear rather than bespoke, and they are manufactured primarily in China and Korea. They are beautiful. I have no idea how well they function. The price is outside of my budget at the moment.

Yours, Sara
  These articles are great!

I cannot emphasize how much it has helped me finally get a good fitting bra from your first article & I am studiously working through the other tutorials for practice & perfecting fit.

  Hi Sara,
I’m sorry but I do not know Azerbaijan sewing wise, so your main source of sewing supplies is going to be the Internet. For DIY bone casing you could try sewing together along their edges two 12mm wide bias cut strips of strong cotton fabric with a strip of velvet fabric on one side for cushioning.
  Mark, thank you once again for your suggestion. The ability to solve problems and make what you need out of what is available is what separates the master from the novice. We are all so fortunate to have the benefit of your expertice.  
  Mark, the ability to make what you need out of what you have is one of the many things that separates the master from the novice. We are all so fortunate to have you Thank you once again fo your help.

As for "internet" shopping, it is expensive and difficult to bring something into Azerbaijan unless it is hand carried in the hand of a friend.

We will see what happens though.


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