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The waist zoneYou fix a bustline problem, but then fixing the waist makes the bustline look wrong again... here are some step-by-step techniques for fitting corsets right the first time.

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Great article!

I know that I can get bored of toiles on occasion, but increasingly I'm seeing them as a luxury. If you have the opportunity and time to do numerous in-person fittings, then grab it :-D

For the fit of the bottom front panels: what exactly is a good fit? I've made only one corset so far and while it follows my tummy well, this perhaps isn't what it's supposed to do. For the tummy is it supposed to follow the body or should it be taken is so that it's strait?
Depends on what you're trying to achieve! Original corsets followed the line of a naturally curved female tummy, but often a modern corset will flatten it. It's up to you!
Perhaps this is a silly question, but with so many fittings needed to get it right how do corsetiers sell their work
on-line? They will never meet the client in person and only have the measurements given to them which might not
even be that accurate.

Thank-you for any feed-back.

Great article :)

Generally, online corsetiers do fittings via Skype and photographs. We have a free article about how to do long distance fittings here:


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