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Patterning for the Sway Back

lorodosis iconLumbar hyper lordosis, alias 'sway back', creates a special challenge when drafting a corset. Amber shares her expertise and experience.

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Molly Wilcox  
  I am just starting out making corsets, and would like to expand on my current 21 years of sewing experience. I think I'm finally ready to move forward to new things.  
Emilie Motte  
  Thank you fr sharing all those tips, it's awesome  
  This is a wonderful article - fascinating! Your patterning is beautiful too. I tried thick 'plastic' boning where the flat steels go to see if it would 'mould', however bending steels makes so much sense! Thank you for sharing!  
  I'm "swaybacked" and interested in this info.  
  THANK YOU! I have been fighting my swayback posture for so long. Some of these things I had worked out for myself but others (curved CB!)will be a game changer. It is also so helpful to know some of the things I have experienced you experienced as well. Its very reassuring.  
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