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icon free smBarbara from Royal Black shares her teaching experience, including topics to cover, target audience, timing, location and cost.

How To Write a Business Plan: Step 2 by Rosie DenningtonContinue writing your high quality business plan by focusing on the tactical and marketing aspects of the business.

prep-1-iconPractising making corsets in preparation for selling: what exactly should you practise, and what's the most effective way to use your time and resources?

So You Think You Want A Business? by Rosie DenningtonRosie discusses the pleasures and pitfalls of going it alone, and helps you decide whether running your own business is right for you.

How To Write A Business Plan: Step 3 by Rosie DenningtonAt the end of the day,  a successful business does need to make money. Rosie walks through the basics for budding entrepreneurs.

icon-smBarbara continues her series by sharing the contents of her own corsetry masterclass, how she prepared for the event, and how it went.

How to Write a Business Plan by Rosie DenningtonRosie guides you step by step through the process of writing a business plan of high enough quality to present to a bank or loan company.

iconsmallRacing thoughts? Too much to do? No time to make your creative dreams real? Here's how to find some clarity and move forward.

Preparing for Business, Part 2: identifying the right skills"Sell only the particular skills that you have already practiced. Practice only the skills that you hope to sell." Jenni helps you move toward professional status.

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