8   vector redsignHackerspaces are popping up all over the world, enabling even the home sewer to try otherwise expensive projects - like laser cutting!

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Now I KNOW I want to go back and upgrade my pattern-making skills through some form of CAD drafting course!!!
And....Hackerspaces....How flippin' exciting! We have several in and around the Seattle area for me to scope out. I presume this sort of creative work space will become common place in the not too distant future. I am so stoked to discover the "right" one for me. :)
Thank you so very much for sharing all of this with us, Lucy! And, I look forward to seeing more of your work on these pages - especially the link (yes, you will be doing this, I can feel it) to your detailed corset-making course!

Hi Lucy,
I found what you had to say inspiring to here, I use to work in the garment trade as a CAD manager, When I left I realised how hard it would be to things I did at work at home and to keep the costs down, I have just down loaded the vector software and it so like illustrator, wear did you get your pattern drafting software from and is it free.
I cannot thank you enough just from watching your video I've got so much,

thank you Jason

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