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Crystal Whistlejacket cincherGot a small remnant of beautiful, rare or expensive fabric? Want to try something new - like a hand-quilted motif? Feature it on a petite cincher!

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Wow, i love how it looks and how it acctually doesnt look to hard to make. I have been thinking about different shapes at the front for I while so I will definitly try this some time soon.
I love it! It's silly and so fun!
I'm loving this article, but there is only one problem: Jenny makes mention of Figure 14, but there is no matching image!
liten_sak, do it! What shapes do you have in mind? Do let us know how you get on :-)

jobridges, yay! Nothing wrong with a bit of silliness every so often ;-)

ali_mart, oops... well spotted! I've uploaded the image that should have been figure 14 for you. An FR exclusive, currently seen no-where else, this corset was done following the pattern from an antique (taking by Atelier Sylphe designs) without any alteration. It came out too large and short for my model, but gave me an opportunity to try hand-quilted details for the first time:


oooh sparkly... i've heard it said that human women, like fish, are attracted to sparkly things... and i do not deny this fact ;)
The patterning is very interesting. You end up with shapes so far away from the original, but with a nice contouring fit. Thank you for showing the panels stitched with turn of cloth accounted for. I don't know about you, but when making single layer prototypes, this is the exact shape they'll come off the body, as the fabric stretches against the body.

Sparkles are pretty, too! I very precise work!

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Adorable! The lines are perfect - feminine and fun.

I love that you dont take yourself too seriously - this is how it should be!

Congratulations on a beautifully resolved and executed piece. :)

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