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Corset making

Making a Modern Summer Corset

icon-smAlisha guides us through the project of making a modern underbust mesh summer corset.

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Lorraine Russell  
  Love you site. So informative. Thank you!  
Sara Mae  
  I have been in desperate need of a mesh corset this summer - I live in MI, the summers are hot and humid.  
  I hope this helps in the need department, KY summers aren't exactly the most comfortable either! Having a mesh that breathes does cut down on some of the more uncomfortable aspects of corseting in the summer.  
  I have been considering this type of corset for awhile now, one thing I was wondering though, when you mention that you prefer wearing cotton, does this transfer to the camisoles you wear also? Because i know that the (cheap) camis I wear under my corsets are as much at fault for the hot stickiness as the corset itself.  
  I just have a general preference for natural fabrics; I don't really like how poly blends feel against my skin!

My favorites are cotton, silk and rayon, but I've found in the summer that the silk camisoles I wear under my corsets are more comfortable anything else. Though, even my cheapest cotton camis are fairly comfortable as well as long as they aren't too thick.
  Great job Alisha! I love how it turned out!  
  Thanks Marion, it's always such a pleasure writing for you all!  
  This was a great article! Living in San Francisco, I don't have as much *need* for a mesh corset, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to make one. (PS: Your grommet setting looks extra tidy and lovely.)  
  i have read and reread this article, thinking that maybe I should utilize this for a corset I want to wear to my friend's outdoor summer wedding. I wonder... Do you think that a layer of silk organza on grain as a translucent strength layer would work (as a means of stopping the stretch of the mesh)?  
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