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Corset making

Shirtwaist Corset (from corset torso block), Pt. 1

icon-smUsing what we learned in her Shouldered Corset Torso Block article, Marianne now shows us how to mock-up, fit and pattern a shirtwaist corset bodice.

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  Beautiful! I have been thinking about doing something like this for a while and this really helps! Would have wanted some bigger pictures of the finished piece though. Can I find them anywhere?  
  Ditto! Bigger pictures of the final result! Love!  
  love it wonderful  
  Thank you!  
  I had included several more full-res shots of the corset on both me and my Lovely Assistant with my submission, but not all were included and those that were had been scaled down as you see above. I realize the unusual print on my fabric makes it harder to read the seamlines and detailing. I'll post some photos on my Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/popantique  
  Thank you! I haven't added the photos to my Facebook page yet but probably will now that this article is up. http://www.facebook.com/popantique

I want to correct the high shoulder and armhole and then shoot the piece with a professional photographer, but I can at least post the images from my snapshot photoshoot.
  I'd really like it if contributors could supply a high resolution picture, with minimal perspective distortion of the pattern they're using. If formulas and calculations are used to create the pattern they should also be legible.

Otherwise, great article,
I'm glad you enjoyed the article. I try to take pictures as clearly as I can, but I'm only 5'3" so my best efforts to take a level photo would be more likely to be out of focus or poorly aimed as I hold the camera aloft to include the appropriate amount of surface area. This is particularly a challenge if I am trying to take an "action shot", such as demonstrating ruler placement for my sleeve hem to get the appropriate folded back width. I mostly try to clarify my calculations within the text, they're usually just basic arithmetic, often with an occasional silly mistake crossed out. I will keep your concerns in mind for future drafting pieces, but basically one does the best one can without actually impeding workflow in the process of documenting it.
As to the size of the images, I do submit them at full res, they were edited down after submission.
  This is a beautiful corset garment! I can only hope as a new corset maker i can make something like this in future... wink  
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