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Corset making

Jessica Rabbit Corset Dress

icon-smLisa takes on a corsetry challenge and shows us how she created a beautiful quick-change garment for the burlesque stage, including an integrated corset.

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  Ooh shiny... looks great, thanks for sharing!  
  Thanks Jenni! :)  
  I am curious...did you use wire at all in the front plunge neckline? Or did it stay in that shape by itself?  
  Hi Beverly,

I used stay tape on the curves just so they didn't stretch out then the boning, three layers of fabric and the chunky binding did the rest!

Lisa :)
  I have been thinking about corseted dresses for a while so it was really interesting to read this. Looks great!  
  Lovely article, perfect for an evening dress I am planning for next year. However I have two questions - 1) What amendments do you think I would need to make for a fuller bust (I am a G cup at the moment) and 2) if I went for more waist reduction, would the side zip cope?

It would be fun to find out woudnt it?
  Hi, Glad you enjoyed the article!

For a fuller bust I would suggest making the pattern into a 6 panel rather than a 5 panel pattern allowing yourself more seams in the front to distribute the extra bust allowance. Or you could also use bust gores. There are a couple of articles on FR about working with larger busts that are really helpful. My preferred method is to use a 6 panel pattern and shape around the breast in nice smooth curves rather than straight lines from bust to waist if that makes sense?

You could definitely go for more reduction but I would think that if you wanted a zipper then it really would need a little more support in the way of steels. Although if this is for an evening dress you could presumably eliminate the zip completely?

Hope that helps!

  So the corset is in between the lining and the fabric? I want to make a corset dress but I'm not sure of what the easier way to do the lining would be....I love this article. I've read it 4 times now. Cheers  
  Hi there Likeloislaine,
Lisa has sent us an answer to your query, so this should hopefully help a little.
Polly (Harman Hay's web bot)

Hi Likeloislane,
Glad you like the article! yes the corset is sandwiched between the outer shell and inner lining. It doesn’t necessarily need a lining, you could do all your channels and seams on one side of the corset and face it with the fashion fabric so there is no need for lining, but my corset was a bit of a mess by the time I was done so I just added a lining to neaten it up! I found making the 3 layers separately and adding them together one at a time was easier than trying to do all three together! I hope that helps?! Good luck with your project :) Lisa
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  Lovely dress, I enjoyed the article! Would have loved to see this on the body. It turned out nicely.
  I wonder if I had saved this article earlier, but anyway, it contains so much information that I must read it through real good.
A few month ago I ended up with two corset dresses from China (well ...?!) one with a flared skirt and another in a hobble type of skirt. Both were of acceptable quality but to few bones and too short but too long boning channels. As I plan to correct them I will need some advice.
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