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Corset making

U-Plunge Corset Dress, Part 2

icon-smMay continues her discussion by showing us how to apply the invisible method of boning construction to this beautiful plunge-neck corset dress.

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  Really interesting and really a good help for future project!!
Have been planning to do something like this myself (for my wife) but haven't had the guts to start. I also had ideas of a corset dress with a "pencilshaped" rather tight skirt, but that's another issue. Guess many methods from this article can be helpful.
  Thank you soundbrigade, I am glad you find this article interesting and helpful. Hope you will use this knowledge in your own corset dress project soon.  
  @soundbrigade, I'd definitely recommend keeping the coutil the entire length if you're making a pencil skirt corset dress. the lower regions get a lot of stress, leaning over and so on! You want it full supported:) I used the welt construction method for mine,and the bulkier seams actually work really well, as you don't need to bone the whole thing (like suggested above) but the seams provide additional support to make it looked streamlined.  
  I really loved your last article - it inspired me to make my own U Plunge piece :)

I look forward to using this construction method on something in the future too!
  This look amazing Galadriel! Really amazing silhouette and the deep plunge looks fantastic. I am so happy you found inspiration in my article, that makes all the point of writing articles complete. Thank you so much for sharing. :)  
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