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Corset making

Corsets with Cups, Part 3

icon smNow that we have a fully fitted mockup, Barbara guides us through the process of making the final corset with wired cups.

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  Only three of Barbara's photos loaded for me. Good article, but I think the photos would take it from "good" to great.  
  Luckily all the photos are loading for me right now. Hope it works for you if you check back.  
  Hello there Sara,
I just wanted to check back on this and see if the photos are now loading for you? We've checked again at this end and they seem to be fine, but please email me at editor@yourward robeunlockd.com if you are continuing to have problems and I will investigate. We don't want you to miss out on seeing all the superb detail really close up!
Best wishes,
Polly Aron - Editor, Your Wardrobe Unlock'd
  This is absolutely stunning!  
  Thank you Barbara for a very clear set of articles with a beautiful result! What do you use to fuse the top layer to the strength layer - looks fantastic!
  Barbara - have just seen in your rollpinning article which is also very very useful (just been investigating pear/torso shaped ham!) that you use a heavy duty press to fuse top to strength layers - do you have any tips on what bonding product you find works well for this please - many seem to have been created for craft/applique work Are always completely wrinkle free corsets now within my reach? Very inspiring - thank you again  
forge fashion  
  Your so inspirational......I am so grateful for this set of articles as it is the next best thing to being able to actually take a class with you. I've always wanted to do a corset with cups.....now I have no excuses!!!! xx  
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