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patterncutcrop Laura introduces five exciting and innovative pattern cutting techniques for you to design and build really creative garments. 

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Another resource to add for those who are interested in this style of cutting, the Pattern Magic books by Tomoko Nakamichi (there are 4 into total). I love these books so much.
This is great!! Thank you for sharing.
Nice introduction type article!

I wanted to add that the "con" for draping (at least for me) is that you need a dress form, close to the size for the person you are making the garment to. Closer to size more important as more fitted it needs to be.

Substracting cutting was new to me. Interesting! I can see how you need to be able to think in 3d to predict the result to some degree.

This is incredible! I'm still trying to wrap my mind around some of these techniques so definitely a return to read to maybe attempt some of these.
What a great article, thank you so much. I am inspired.
I'm delighted to see zero waste pattern cutting mentionned! I have rarely seen it being talked about and it is something I am really interested in! Sustainability in the garment industry (or even when sewing at home) is something we should all talk about more :)
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