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Shouldered Corset Torso Block

icon-smMarianne guides us through the steps to make a shouldered corset torso block, from which we can integrate corsets with outerwear garments.

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  I've been wanting to attempt something similar for quite some time. I'm drafting a personalised bodice block for my fitting class, so I was going to use that once it had been finalised.

I find some parts difficult to understand, but I'm sure once I've read over them a few times I should be ok. If not I'll be back asking questions =P

I can't wait to see how the toile worked out!!
  Perfect timing, then! I will say that the mockup turned out very well overall but I did make a couple significant tweaks after the fitting (including undoing something I'd changed in this initial draft)... stay tuned :) I'm subscribed the comments so if you have questions later I can clarify.  
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