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Pattern Alteration: Removing Gussets

icon-smLelanie experiments with removing the gussets from an Edwardian corset pattern to suit her modern sensibilities about, and style of, corsetmaking.

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  I remember this corset! As beautiful as it is, I personally found the original pattern too complex (for me at least) so seeing this article really does help give me some ideas on how to go about simplifying the design. I will be trying this out for myself as soon as I can. Thanks for the article!

And your work is splendid! Always love your unique choices of fabrics!
  I picked ref. W because it was slightly simpler than Y (and closer to my measurements) but it was still really tricky for my 3rd go at a corset! It was tricky matching up the curved seams. I have a few people wanting me to try making it up for them in their size but have no idea how I'd manage that. I think I'll be sticking to Victorian patterns for a while.  
  Beautiful work!  
  I like your write up of this corset. I have always been jealous of your ability to find such an awesome patterned PVC fabric.
I didn't realise that you'd edited pattern Y to get this. Its interesting to see that the gussets can be omitted whilst still retaining the shape. I wonder how well this would work if the pattern was kept as a midbust.
  no idea about the midbust :) just changed it to underbust since that is my personal preference  
  That is fantastic!!  
  Thank you :)  
  Fabulous! I have that pattern and haven't gotten around to tackling it yet. I may have a go at it following in your footsteps, with the gussets removed and different colors of fabrics. It really looks amazing!  
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