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1911 Corset Pattern Draft, Part 1

icon-smIn this series, Jeremy presents two different 1911 corsets that share the same back and have similar design elements, and describes the drafting of both.

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Kate O'Donnell  
  Please advise how I might access further info on the 1911 patterns, thank you.  
  Hello Kate,
You can become a member by going to our registration page at https://www.harmanhay.com/amember/signup and choosing one of our membership options. We have several deals to save you money, including a discounts for students or a seniors (email me at info@harmanhay.com if you are eligible and I can provide the discount code).
There are also lots of free articles at http://www.foundationsrevealed.com/articles/free.
Please don't hesitate to email me on the above address if you have any further questions!
Best wishes, Polly (Harman Hay's resident web mouse)
  ... I started to work on that book last week :))  
  How far have you gotten? I hope my article has been at least helpful.  
  Not too far yet :) .
I was still in limbo on the model that I would choose for my corset, in this book and among others.
I finaly chose the 'Corset soutien gorge'
I will start patterning tomorrow morning !
  The corset-soutien gorge is actually the next part of the article. (It's in press-- though the editors know their schedule better than I.) Note that the back pattern draft for the corset soutien-gorge is the same as back pattern draft for the corset tailleur-- this article. I hope that provides a head start.  
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