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The Pipestem Corset

squarepicNikki guides us through the mysterious waters of the pipestem corset, including a bit of history and a lesson on what is / is not a pipestem.

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  An interesting article about an intriguing style of corset, one that has fascinated me for many years. Thank you b  
  Hi there! Thank you very much! It was surprisingly hard to write about this subject due to its rarity. There are a few images out there on the internet of people in actual pipestem corsets but unfortunately they couldn't go in the article due to copyright so please check out the links as they show some beauties.  
  ooh, posted twice. Sorry.  
Last edited on 05.12.2015 10:16 by Manja Gustavsson-Sanders
  Curious. What spaced measurement would be needed to produce such a line? I assume from bottom of rib to top of pelvic bone. Do you count the "floating" rib in the measurements? I have protruding ribs, so I don't I can wear this style, but it is interesting in thought.  
  Hi Kimberly!
TBH it all depends on you and your rib/hip spacing. This style of corset is exclusively custom made to order by those that can wear them so the measurements vary. The best way to go about it is to either find yourself a custom maker that is up for the challenge or try yourself. Your first toile will tell you a lot about what your body is capable of. Sorry i cant be more helpful :(
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