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Patterning Museum Corsets

Patterning museum corsetsJill Salen, author of Corsets: Historical Patterns & Techniques, shares her technique for making corset patterns from the original antique corsets that you can find in museums.

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I was lucky to be taken to the fashion and textile exhibition called undercover,that was the closest I have ever been to a corset-they were beautifully made
I do have your book and I love it
  Thank you...

from a beginner, you make it less daunting
  I'm imagining that measuring parts of the corset that don't lay flat might be quite tricky with this method (eg: bust and hips). Is it simply a matter of carefully repositioning the part being measured until it lays flat, taking the measurement (with the "floating" ruler), and then moving onto the next part? And has anyone here ever patterned from a corset that (due to the boning, pattern, or steam-moulding process) refuses to lay flat? If you can touch it with a tape-measure it's all well and good, the challenge is *not* touching it!  
  So helpful! I am trying to reproduce a historic corset, and my efforts were not going well. Dealing with the twisty bits is definitely the hardest. Mine won't lie flat. My solution is to do a top and a bottom separately and then match them up.  
  My questions is similar to Jenni's -- do you have to get the museum staff to reposition it for each panel? I guess I'll find out when I contact the local museums!  
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