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A unique collection of historic corset flossing designs from which members and non-members can draw inspiration.

ISO in Scarlett by Narrowed VisionsA hip fin is an external structural embellishment that typically sits over the hip of the corset. Nikki gives us the details on how to get it there!

iconNEW: The patterns are becoming more tricky now... or are they? This week we try a couple of ideas that look complex... but aren't hard.

icon-smKelly discusses some basic types of corsetry embellishment techniques to get you started on the road to unique custom creations.

iconPaddy explores the technique of tooled flower making, including the tools and materials needed and a walk through of a rosebud.

iconHow Emiah Couture achieves that heavily encrusted effect, and what Alycia has learned about how to bead her work as efficiently as possible...

icon smAnya introduces Tambour beading, an embellishment technique using a hook/needle hybrid on fabric stretched in a frame.

icon smWorking with electronics as embellishment is a lot of fun; the possibilities are almost endless. Nathalie shows us how she uses it in corsetry.

catherinehearts3In this tutorial, Olga shows us the secrets behind her exquisite beaded embroidery.

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