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Striped corset by Laurie TavanStripes create an unusual visual interest in your corsetry. Here's how to match stripes perfectly by a simple technique of visualizing pattern matching choices before stitching up the project.

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Wonderful Laurie! This pattern matching technique is brilliant, but I'm also taken with how much excellent pieces of information are in this article almost as asides (such as manipulating fashion fabrics and turn-of-cloth). I think a lot of us will be reading this twice or thrice to soak it all in :-)
What a great article - really good to know about using bias over straght grain - I have often wondered if this would work in a corset but not been brave enough to try - yet!! Will certainly be experimenting the matching technique with next tartan corset. Thanks so much! I would also love to know more about the construction of the beautiful stays in the pics above
Jenni, thanks for the compliment :) I enjoyed reading your article as well! Manipulating fashion fabrics is super fun although time consuming :)

Bernicia, the pink stay and the blue & gold pseudo 16th/17th century stay were quite fun to make :) I'm sorry I didn't actually have the time to do more "making of" posts on these two corsets but here are a few links to more information on them.




I'd love to see your next tartan corset ;-)

thanks for that Laurie - I had a lovely time looking through these sites - beautiful! I have a commission that hopefully will involve stays for a wedding dress this summer so thinking a lot about that just now!
bernicia :-)

Le résultat est beau et surprenant!
Merci Laurie

Fantastic article! Thanks this has really helped. Especially the note on patterned fabrics too!
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