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icon-smFlo guides us through the process of drafting a simple border lace overlay for the top half of an underbust corset.

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Thank you for the marvelous info! I was curious, though, having possibly stalked your website all evening (ahem), would you share your favorite supply sources for lace and embellishments? I realize much of what you use in NZ may not be accessible to me in the USA, but if you might share anyway, I'd be so grateful!
Thanks for reading the article!

Funnily enough. I source nearly all my embellishments from outside New Zealand :)
Being a small island in the Pacific, nearly all the materials I (and other NZ corset makers) use have to be imported - including coutil and boning!
The most cost effective suppliers seem to be www.venacavadesign.co.uk or Corsetmaking.com

I use a lot of Swarovski rhinestones and beads, which I purchase either in bulk directly from Swarovski or in smaller amounts from a fantastic local supplier www.rhinestonz.co.nz

Silk World in Australia have a gorgeous selection of imported lace: www.silkworld.com.au

Have fun making something pretty!

I was going to ask the same question!
I am also from NZ and have a hard time finding pretty things that I can still afford

I wanted to ask you how you effectively finished attaching your lace to the busk area?

I was just about to ask the same thing. Ideally I supose you sew the outer panels together first and leave the busk till after applying the lace, but if you decide to add the lace after inserting the busk how do you deal with the raw lace edge at the busk?
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