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Image 1   Material ComparisonWant to go beyond fabric? Lina introduces us to some of the most exciting new materials you can experiment with at home.

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This article is FANTASTIC! Thank you soo much - I feel like I knew a bit about some of these, but not enough to always know which was the best to use in what circumstances. And although I've use some of these materials before, you've opened my eyes to new ways to use them (ie - upholstery foam for non-upholstery purposes?! genius!) This is a fantastic primer!!

I'd like to add a quick note/addition about the importance of using respirators for materials with toxic fumes -- If folks are going to use these in their homes, rather than a studio, please make sure that your fur/feather babies are not in the vicinity, both when initially using it and while it off-gases as it dries/sets!

And a quick tip from my re-upholstering adventures -- Using an electric bread/carving knife saved me a TON of time, and made it super easy to cut this stuff (in terms of getting clean straight lines through 3" thick stuff, and also for "carving" the stuff). I paid less than $10 CAD for it at a thrift shop.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! :)

Definitely an important tip to avoid fumes with pets in the vicinity, thanks for pointing that out. I typically try to keep things out of my house before they're completely cured as a rule. It's easy to underestimate how bad something will smell when you take it into an enclosed space (especially if you've been working outside).

Using an electric knife is such a clever idea! I've used one on Styrofoam before, so course it makes perfect sense. Will have to give it a try.

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