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Swing hook front closure

Swinghook closures

What better way to create a corset that stands out from the crowd than to give it a visually striking front opening that's not only beautiful looking, but sturdy and quick to use?

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  Very nice and eye-catching, but only useful it the corset is the upper layer, otherwise these hooks would could to much bulk I think. I would like to discover a more delicate version of these type of hook, that are less bulky, those would be perfect. They do seem easier than a busk and just as sturdy if not more.  
  I also use hasps, which are more delicate looking... http://www.facebook.com/waistedcreations

Look in my most recent pictures folder for examples, I think its what youre thinking of.

  Oh... my... goodness gracious! I thought I was the only one that ever used these! I lost my source for them. Your links are worth their weight in gold just on their own. And you have a better way of doing it than I was using! THANK you!  
  Thanks for an enlightening article. I was wondering if there is anywhere in the United States that one can acquire the hooks. The other question is is their a busk underneath it or just the wide solid steel bone that is drilled to hold the hooks in place?  
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