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Semi Mesh Corset

icon-smMaja creates a semi mesh corset using spot broche in contrast panels of a transparent fabric, giving a very feminine shape with an accentuated waist to hip ratio.

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  Beautiful! This is inspirational.
Thank you for sharing!
  I love this, so inspiring!  
  Brilliant! I did buy some Polyester Mesh and Grey Herringbone Coutil a while ago and i did wonder about the best way of constructing it! thanks so much, very informative! cool  
  That is very nice! Is the mesh stable, or does it stretch a bit? It looks like a diamond pattern, and my brain says it should stretch, like bias cut fabrics... I can't wait until I can sew again....!  
  Thank you. It is not stretchable at all. Mesh is stretchable only in one direction and you need to take care when cutting it that a waist line is parallel to the non stretchable direction (usually "weft" direction is not stretchable - mesh fabrics are not woven from warp and wefts actually but I wrote that so you can better understand) . Needs to be cut very carefully because even the smallest deviation from that line will cause stretching or even creasing. Hope that helps, thank you for your question.  
  This is a stunning corset. Very well done Maja and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Could you please tell me where you purchased the polyester mesh?  
  Thank you so much Charleyanna. I have purchased the mesh fabric in a local fabric store in Trieste, Italy. You can check your local stores they might be having it also. I have seen a sheer silk fabric at Vena Cava Design, but can't find it any more there. It did seemed much lighter than this mesh and I haven't tried it, so can't be sure how suitable that was. Hope you will find it and best luck with your project :)  
  Thank you.  
  Quelle riche idée!
Le résultat est surprenant...
  This is indeed a beautiful corset!

I thought I'd try my hand at making one. It actually is coming out fairly good.

What I had the most trouble with was making the seam allowance for the curved edges of the outer (fashion) fabric and inner fabric. I used a coutil brocade and for the lining ( inside layer) I used a herringbone coutil. I also measured the seam allowance for the mesh as I pinned and later basted it onto lining part of the "sandwich ". My...that mesh wants to slide even when basted in! Having all these seams exactly measure is of course important.

I am just finishing off the binding now which is slow going but not problematic.

Any suggestions on what to do on those inside curves?

Thanks again....I loved the article and amazingly for me, I wasn't lost during any of your instructions.
  Hi Jackie, I am not sure what you mean, if you are able to attach some photos I would maybe be able to help about the problem. If you are not able to attach photos here, you can send it to my e-mail bizaca.m@gmail.com Did you machine sew all layers together after the basting to keep them fixed together?

I am glad you found this article interesting and easy to follow instructions
Best, May
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